AGIP Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

Agip Scholarship is funded by the Nigerian National Oil Company (NNPC) and Eni, an Italian multinational oil and gas company, is highly competitive. So, in this post, I’ll provide you with the AGIP scholarship past questions and answers PDF to improve your chances of winning the scholarship. This scholarship will help students in their first year of college, and it really focuses more on fields related to the oil and gas industry, such as engineering, geology, and petrochemicals.

AGIP scholarship questions are usually not hard but even the simplest questions can be tricky. So, as part of your preparation, you need the AGIP scholarship past questions PDF.

AGIP Scholarship Past Question

Agip scholarship past questions are not readily available for free to the public. However, to prepare for the test, it’s recommended to study subjects relevant to the oil and gas industry, as well as math, physics, chemistry, and English. Additionally, staying informed about current events in Nigeria, along with understanding the history and objectives of the NNPC, is crucial.

This article provides you with insights into previous Agip scholarship questions, offering a glimpse of what potential applicants might encounter.

Scholarship tests like that of AGIP can be tricky, and excelling in them is often not very easy. However, with adequate self-confidence and thorough preparation, they become manageable. Without proper guidance, passing exams that lead to awards, such as the Agip scholarship exam, can be difficult.

Therefore, you want to study using past questions for any scholarship test. This approach will help you to understand the essentials before applying for the scholarship. Familiarity with Agip scholarship past questions helps in comprehending:

  1. The format and structure of the Agip exam.
  2. The style of question setting.
  3. The number of questions to expect.
  4. The time allocated for the exam.

Using Agip scholarship past questions and answers is a very effective way to perform well. With some effort, you’ll be able to answer the questions confidently. This means you won’t need to face a lot of additional stress to pass the test and win the scholarship.

Over the years, Agip has frequently repeated many questions. In fact, each year, about 96% of the questions are the same as those asked in the previous year. This happens because the scholarship board often doesn’t create entirely new questions every year.

Since the questions tend to be repeated, you’ll have the advantage of practicing with questions that are very likely to appear on the test.

How to Obtain Full AGIP Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF

Agip scholarship is not available to every student, despite their hopes. To enhance your chances of success in the scholarship test, consider acquiring this study pack. It prepares you significantly and covers 99% of the necessary material.

Remember, these AGIP scholarship past questions and answers PDF are meant for dedicated and self-disciplined students. For immediate access to these questions and answers, reach out through the contact page of the website.

The cost for the Agip scholarship past questions and answers is N2,000. To make this purchase, please follow the following steps:

1. Select Your Payment Method

Here are the payment options we offer:

  • Bank-to-bank transfer
  • Bank transfer
  • Mobile transfer (USSD)
  • Debit Card

For any chosen method, please transfer your payment to the following accounts:

2. Payment Confirmation Process

If you opt for Bank transfer or Mobile transfer, you need to provide proof of payment. Please send this proof, or an email with these details, to

  1. Your active email address (to receive the past questions in PDF format)
  2. The specific past question you are paying for
  3. The amount you paid
  4. Your bank’s name
  5. The date of your payment
  6. The name of your account

If you decide to pay using a direct bank deposit, please send a screenshot or a text message showing your payment confirmation to the email address mentioned earlier. Include these details:

  1. Teller Number
  2. Amount that you paid
  3. Your active email address
  4. The specific past question you are purchasing
  5. Name of the depositor
  6. Time when you made the payment

In case you prefer paying with a debit card, you will be taken to our secure payment platform. There, you can safely enter your card details.

After you have completed the payment and provided your email address, we will confirm the payment. Then, we will quickly send the past questions to your email or via WhatsApp.

Key Focus Areas for the Agip Scholarship Test

The Agip scholarship test consists of multiple-choice questions designed to assess your knowledge and skills in various areas. Similar to other scholarship tests, the Agip aptitude test includes questions from the following areas:

1. English

The English section assesses your reading, writing, and comprehension skills in English. It also tests your ability to use proper grammar and vocabulary.

2. Mathematics

In this section, you’ll be tasked with solving mathematical problems to demonstrate your understanding of fundamental math concepts, including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

3. General Knowledge

For the General Knowledge section, the applicant will be evaluated on their awareness of recent developments and shifts in Nigeria, along with an understanding of the history and objectives of the NNPC.

4. Chemistry

This part focuses on your grasp of chemical concepts. You’ll be tested on topics such as the structure of atoms, chemical reactions, and the properties of various substances.

5. Physics

Here, you’ll be evaluated on your understanding of physics principles. This includes areas like mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetic theory.

Make sure you also concentrate on enhancing skills in various areas such as:

  1. Abstract reasoning
  2. Numerical reasoning
  3. Verbal reasoning
  4. Logical reasoning
  5. Spatial reasoning
  6. Quantitative reasoning

Conclusion—AGIP Scholarship Past Questions

The Agip scholarship is a good opportunity for Nigerian students like you to benefit from a fully-funded scholarship and potentially secure a position in the oil and gas sector. Just make sure to dedicate a bit of time to study and keep informed about relevant topics.

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