This is About Us, Work And School

I promise you won’t find a better website than this. Let’s first look at the topics this site focuses on:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Study Abroad
  3. Recruitment
  4. NGOs and Grants
  5. Football Academies
  6. Aviation

That’s a total of 7, and we don’t plan on extending it any further than it is. This is because we have made ourselves a team of experts, and people who also directly participate in agencies related to these topics.


Starting with the scholarship, I, Paulinus Sunday, personally have the experience and have helped a lot of applicants apply for and get approved for scholarships. Ordinarily, people say it’s luck, but it’s also more about whether you qualify or not. Well, there’s luck too, especially when you don’t qualify but just want to try and see. This is why it helps to always apply for many scholarships opportunities, and hopefully, one or two might click. Don’t forget that most scholarships do not allow applicants to have any other active sponsor.

Study Abroad

If you want to study abroad, Work And School is the go-to site because we are a people willing to help you answer some of the questions you won’t find using Google search. Questions like the schools abroad that’ll accept your certificate such as NECO, WASCCE, GCE, etc. Abroad universities or colleges currently giving scholarships, how to get admission, the exact application fee, the admission application process abroad, etc. We know these. Now, learning from those who know, and have helped others complete something makes it easier for you to understand what you are getting to. That way, you’ll feel a lot more confident in yourself.


Well, we figured that if you are interested in scholarships and studying abroad, you might as well be interested in some of the jobs available in the country. Even if it’s not about you, at least, you could share with someone else who might be interested. Yes, we talk about recruitment jobs and portals. But one thing to note about this website is that we take these topics seriously. When a particular job is no longer in the market, we remove such posts. At least, you won’t have to waste your time on something that is no longer available. For those actively available, we update them regularly. We also help you with answers to questions you might have about the whole recruitment process, and what recruiters or typical hiring companies look for.

NGOs and Grants

A country like Nigeria, and other African countries, are homes to many NGOs. No, it’s not an African thing—the same applies to Americans, Asians and Europeans—it’s global. We selectively talk about some of them and how they contribute to our society, as well as how you can benefit from their presence. NGOs help by way of free education, providing social amenities, buying gifts for those in need, etc. We talk about them on this website.

As for grants, please note that grants are different from loans. Grants can be government or non-government-funded. Unlike loans, you don’t pay back grants. Consider a grant as a gift from the provider. It’s usually money meant for you to use and improve yourself or your business.

Free Stuff for Students

On this website, we have a specific category for free stuff, from fee laptop opportunities, free apps, etc., to discounted offers meant for students only. All these are opportunities you should not miss out. In fact, if we receive your emails to write more them, and dig out those hidden gems, we believe we can do just that for you.

Football Academies

If you think you have the talent for football, whether you are male or a lady, then we have experts for this topic. This website could be the reason you link up with a top European football club and sign a huge contract abroad. We do look beyond European football and go down to American and Asian football. Also, we encourage upcoming stars to never fail to prove their worth from home soil by joining local football academies here in Africa.


As for aviation, this is one niche we have been seriously considering breaking into. You won’t find a lot about aviation here, but it is a topic we take very seriously. We have the expert for it. Myself, I have worked in the aviation industry in South Africa, and know some things I believe could help your aviation dreams. The focus in this category is on the scholarship and job opportunities in the aviation industry here in Africa, or specific countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and so on.

Work And School was founded for you. So far, we have reached more than 200,000 readers in the past few months according to our analytics, and still counting.

This website is here to stay. We have made it a responsibility to frequently share current and 100% verified information to help you succeed in whatever you apply for or participate in as a result of the Work And School website.