The information provided on this site is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered scholarship advice. I, Paulinus Sunday, the owner, and other members of the team, also cover topics including NGO offers, grants, and free student offers. Other topics that we have expert knowledge about, and direct experience in, include football academy, aviation, and job recruitment. The mentioned topics are our core strength and we only discuss these topics on this website. However, to make sense of our information, we benchmark recommendations according to ethics and rules they should abide by provided by their respective agencies. For example, under aviation, we have such organizations as the AFCAC (African Civil Aviation Commission), under football, we have the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the African Football Agents Association (AFAA), etc. Under recruitment, there are so many bodies, and we refer to them relevantly. An example is the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment when we’re discussing job topics in Nigeria. However, for Africa, we have other bodies overlooking the process, and we make relevant references to help you, the reader.

Under grants, we make sure to mention only organizations that are duly registered, for example, with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). This is to make sure that we share consistent information, especially since some of the team members actively participate in many of these agencies.

The site is primarily designed to provide updates and comparisons of opportunities because we understand that you may not easily have access to current information. Therefore, we are making it a responsibility to keep you up to date.

As for our topics on grants and free student offers, it is not a substitute for professional financial advice even though we expertly vet our publications. Many of our publications are based on direct experience.

Do we endorse any NGOs or Grants?

Our publications are based on honesty, and we don’t get paid to promote anyone. If you go through our content, you’ll find that we don’t promote, rather, we scrutinize and let you know the available opportunities, as well as the negatives you should be aware of if we identify any.

While this site talks about lots of scholarships, we never single out and recommend or dismiss any particular one. The reviews and comparisons you may find on this site, whether it’s about scholarships or jobs, are based on our experience and publicly available information.

Are There Any Guarantees?

No, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information we provide and are not responsible for any errors or omissions. We understand 100% that sometimes experiences can vary depending on people. We take this into consideration while discussing any services such as scholarship services or recruitment services, or money-related information, such as grants, free student things like laptops, and applications.

That said, this site is not liable for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of the information provided.

Application Warning

Even the platforms (including the recruitments, grants, football academies, etc.) that we rate highly may not be perfect. The truth is that applying for opportunities is not guaranteed, and you have to be careful and consider your eligibility and options before taking part. As an example, if a scholarship specifies that only unemployed applicants will be considered, it is therefore unlikely that you will be approved. Likewise, if a football academy is only open to young footballers who are just starting out, and you have already progressed far in your career, it is unlikely that they will pick you.

We won’t be responsible for any application decisions you make. If you are not sure about your decision, seek professional financial advice first. We can’t advise you to apply for a grant, use any app to apply for recruitment, etc., but we can inform you about the pros, cons, and steps involved in applying for or using such an app that our experts have personally tried out by themselves.

Job Apps and Grants Websites

Apart from scholarships, you’ll find that we’ve also talked about some of the recruitment portals and websites that offer opportunities for you to be hired. Some of these websites are not regulated; however, government-owned ones are automatically regulated by the respective departments in government. Information you find on this site about such portals is verified. I or any of the authors hate to exaggerate the amount of opportunities you have—we generally hate to raise and dash your hopes at the same time. Therefore, we are very likely to tell you directly that something is possible or not at all.


You may find adverts from some of the recruiters, NGOs, grants, football clubs, apps, etc., reviewed on the site or that we have talked about. This does not affect the honesty of our information, including the updates, reviews or comparisons, and it is not a guarantee of endorsement or recommendation.

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If you think that we misrepresented your portal or website in any way, we are ALWAYS open to modifying such information, for example, let’s say we made a post that claimed we couldn’t verify that your portal is licensed in Nigeria, any African or non-African country we have talked about due to records at the time. Kindly reach out, and we’ll be glad to update such information as long as we can verify that your latest submission is true.

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