Aviation School Scholarships in Nigeria

Aviation is one of the top industries in Nigeria currently, with the flight market expected to grow by 6.54% (2023-2028), which results in a market volume of US$1.99bn in 2028. However, this sector can be expensive, which is why you will need a scholarship to cut down your costs. In this post, we will discuss aviation school scholarships in Nigeria that you can apply for right now.

Aviation School Scholarships in Nigeria

There are various fully-funded pilot training programs in Nigeria, offering excellent opportunities for students looking for reliable and comprehensive financial support. The pilot training scholarships we will look at have been carefully researched, providing extensive information about how to apply and their credibility. Here are some of the aviation school scholarships you can consider in Nigeria:

1. EAA Young Eagles Fully-Funded Pilot Training Program 2024

So, the first we will start with is the EAA Young Eagles pilot training scholarship is a unique opportunity among the aviation school scholarships in Nigeria, as it’s open to international students. This scholarship removes financial hurdles for young individuals dreaming of an aviation career. A key feature of this scholarship is its global accessibility to students.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. The EAA Young Eagles Scholarships are available to US residents as well as international students from various countries like Nigeria.
  2. Students interested in applying can visit the application website to submit their applications for this year’s program.
  3. For more details and to apply, check out the EEA Aviation Scholarships portal.

2. Women in Aviation Fully Funded Pilot Training Scholarships

We also have the Women in Aviation scholarship as another one of the top aviation school scholarships in Nigeria. This program is dedicated to helping its international members afford pilot training.

The Women in Aviation scholarship covers your educational costs and aids you as a member of the organization in reaching your ambitions of becoming a pilot. The Women in Aviation Pilot Training Scholarships provide a fully-funded scholarship, worth around $780,000.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. The scholarship is available to students at all educational levels.
  2. You need to be a member of Women in Aviation to be eligible.
  3. For application details, visit their website to learn more about how to apply.

3. 99s Fully Funded Pilot Training Scholarships 2024

The 99s Pilot Training scholarships stand out among fully-funded aviation scholarships for those aspiring to become pilots.

Founded in 1941, 99s is an internationally recognized organization for female pilots. It offers various pilot training scholarships for international students, distributing a total of $5 million to selected candidates.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. The 99s Pilot Training Scholarships are open globally to interested candidates from all over the world.
  2. African students seeking pilot training scholarships are encouraged to apply.
  3. The 99s Fully Funded Pilot Training Scholarship is open to students of any gender.
  4. Visit the scholarship application page here.
  5. Choose the aviation scholarship you are interested in and apply.

4. National Gay Pilot Association Scholarships

The National Gay Pilot Association Scholarships are designed to support and recognize members of the LGBT community, including lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender individuals.

This scholarship is one of the few that specifically caters to the LGBT community in aviation. Qualified candidates who fulfill all the criteria receive a $6,000 grant.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. This scholarship targets the LGBT community and those who show interest in the association.
  2. Pilot students of any level are welcome to apply.
  3. To apply, visit the NGPA scholarship website.

5. AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Pilot Training Scholarships

The AOPA-Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Fully Sponsored Pilot Scholarship awards grants that total up to $1 million. These grants provide significant funding to support your aviation career in the United States.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) in Nigeria offers a fully-funded scholarship program targeted at aspiring aviation students. This program is particularly notable because it is open to high school students, making it one of the most accessible and comprehensive aviation scholarships.

How to Apply for AOPA Pilot Training Scholarships

If you are interested in the AOPA pilot training aviation school scholarships in Nigeria, here’s what you need to do:

  • These scholarships are only for US residents and Permanent Residents who may also be of Nigerian descent.
  • The scholarships are aimed at High School Students.
  • To start your application, go to the scholarship’s website.

6. Airline Pilots Association Scholarship

This scholarship supports students with disabilities, such as physical handicaps, or those who have lost family members in the pursuit of a pilot career, helping them fulfill their dream of becoming pilots.

Of all the pilot training aviation school scholarships in Nigeria listed here, the Airline Pilots Association Scholarship is uniquely tailored for disabled pilot students.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. The scholarship is specifically for US residents and legal residents.
  2. It welcomes applications from undergraduate pilot students.
  3. Candidates must have a disability or demonstrate a disability to be considered.
  4. To apply, visit the Airline Pilots Association Scholarship application website.

7. Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) 2024

Another name on this list that you can really obtain a scholarship from in Nigeria is the OBAP scholarship. This is an opportunity for Nigerian students interested in aviation scholarships to be approved for a scholarship that is focused on supporting black aerospace professionals, particularly those of African descent who aim to have careers in aviation as pilots.

This is one of the Nigerian aviation school scholarships that provides over $179,000 annually in funding. Essentially, the OBAP Aviation Scholarship is aimed at African students and those of African descent who are looking for a fully-funded pilot training program.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. If you are an African or a black student from any part of the world, you are eligible for the OBAP scholarship.
  2. You should have international identification like an ID card or passport.
  3. Having a private pilot license is a requirement.
  4. To apply, go to the OBAP scholarship application website.


The path to becoming a pilot is distinct, and it requires extensive effort, study, and training. While some aspiring pilots face the challenge of achieving certification, others struggle with finding the funds needed to pursue their dreams of becoming aviation professionals. This article aims to highlight the best pilot training aviation school scholarships in Nigeria for students interested in this field.

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