10 Steps to Get a Football Trial in Europe from Nigeria

While Nigeria is a brilliant football nation, here in Europe, you get to play your dreams and get paid handsomely. So, if you are in Nigeria, I will help you know just how to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria. Usually, the method is to sign up for a specific club’s academy but not l European clubs offer this trial out method. Some, like Manchester United, just have scouts globally looking for the best talents to invite.

It’s not so difficult to get a tryout invitation, especially if you have the talent. I will walk through the necessary steps you really need to put your time in to move to Europe and play top-tier football.

How to Get a Football Trial in Europe From Nigeria

Here are the detailed steps to secure a football trial in Europe from Nigeria:

1. Improve Your Talent as Much as You Can

The first step towards a European football trial is working on your skills. You have to be involved in dedicated practice, improving fitness, and mastering the game’s rules and techniques. I often advise youngsters to start by joining a football club or football academy in Nigeria. Here, you will acquire the knowledge and training you need to convince European clubs that you deserve a trial. You can even participate in local competitions and tournaments that allow you to observe and learn from others’ playing styles to work on your skills.

2. Create a Strong Football Portfolio

The goal is to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria, so you have to draw the attention of European clubs and scouts and secure a football trial from Nigeria. This is why you need to create a resume that highlights your skills and achievements. Your portfolio should include:

  1. Your name, date of birth, height, weight, and preferred playing position.
  2. A list of clubs you’ve played for, the leagues you’ve participated in, and any relevant awards or accomplishments from your playing history.
  3. A video reel showcasing your best moments, demonstrating your technical skills, game intelligence, and physical capabilities. Ensure the video is high quality and effectively displays your talents.
  4. Obtain letters of recommendation from your coaches or other authoritative figures to support your claims of skill and potential.

3. Look Into Manu Local Clubs and Academies

Before contacting clubs or academies in Europe for a football trial from Nigeria, I advise getting even closer to those foreign academies with a Nigerian presence. An example is Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria, FCBESCOLA Soccer School. I have written in detail how you can join FCBESCOLA Soccer School in Lagos. Every club and academy has its unique requirements and scouting methods. Understanding these allows you to tailor your approach.

When looking into clubs, even if you don’t want to work your way to Europe trial through Barcelona in Nigeria, you can consider the club’s reputation and local performance. Research the club’s history, its position in the league, and recent performances to ensure they align with your skills and objectives.

Also, look into the clubs or academies known for robust youth development programs. Institutions with a strong emphasis on nurturing young talents are more inclined to invest in new players.

4. Contact the Football Academies

After you identify a suitable club or academy, the next step is to contact them. This can be done via email, social media, or directly reaching out to the club’s scouting department. However, in Nigeria, the best method is to contact the respective football academy at their training center. So, you have to know their training center, find out their dates of training, and then join them there to ask whatever questions you have in mind. Someone will usually be assigned to you to answer any questions you may have.

Always communicate politely and, if possible, address the recipient by their name. Attach your football CV, video highlights, and references to your communication. Ensure that all documents are well-labeled and neatly organized.

5. Try to Build a Network

If you have been trying for a long time to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria, you will know that a football trial can be difficult to get even in Nigeria. A lot of time, you may not even receive an immediate response. So, don’t give up; just be prepared to follow up on your initial contact and persist in your efforts without being overly aggressive.

You need to use this opportunity to build a network with these personalities you come across. It could be with the coaches, managers, or fellow players that give you attention. You really want to secure a trial at the local level first. When you eventually register in that academy, you have to attend sports events, workshops, or networking gatherings.

6. Participate in Open Trials

Many clubs and academies in Europe organize open trials or showcases where scouts and coaches observe aspiring footballers demonstrate their abilities. I mentioned earlier that clubs such as Manchester United in particular have scouts globally, so you don’t want to miss these open tryouts.

These sporting events can boost your chances of securing a football trial in Europe from Nigeria. You just need a platform to showcase your talent. So, you have to dedicate time before the event to hone your skills and enhance your fitness levels. This preparation enables you to perform optimally and make a strong impression on the scouts.

During any trial you find yourself, you have to take it seriously. You never know who is watching. Exhibit a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. You just want to show football qualities to scouts and coaches to demonstrate your serious commitment and dedication to your career.

7. Consider a Football Agent at Some Point

As you progress in local Nigeria football, you will come across certified agents who will love to work with you. Don’t miss the opportunity because they can be your beginning of better opportunities. A football agent can help in securing a football trial in Europe from Nigeria.

It’s also important to do comprehensive research to find agents known for successfully placing players in European clubs or academies. Seek recommendations from fellow players or coaches, and consult online reviews to evaluate the agent’s reliability. A good football agent should prioritize your interests, and offer advice and support in obtaining a trial. They should be well-informed about the European football market and possess negotiation skills to represent you effectively.

Agents generally earn through commissions, either as a portion of your contract or as a fixed charge. Ensure you are fully aware of the agent’s fee structure before agreeing to a contract with them.

8. Acquire Necessary Travel Documents

If you eventually get to a decent level in local football, don’t wait until a European club invites you. Start your preparation early, such that you already have a 5-year or 10-year passport ready. You never know when the European opportunity will open. So, when it does, all you really only have to focus on will be getting a visa and medical clearance. You can contact the embassy or consulate of the country where the trial is scheduled for specific visa requirements and application details.

9. Give Your Best During the Trials

When you arrive at your trial, you want to leave a lasting impression. You can enhance your chances by using your strengths to showcase your technical skills, strategic understanding, and physical prowess. While highlighting your own abilities, remember that football is a team sport. Communicate with your teammates, support them on the field, and maintain a positive attitude.

It’s even more important to stay composed at all times. Trials can be nerve-wracking, but keeping calm and focused is essential. Have confidence in your abilities and preparation, and don’t forget to enjoy the experience

10. Follow Up After Your Trial

Maintain communication with the club or academy once your trial concludes. You have to demonstrate your ongoing interest and professionalism. Contact the officials of the club or academy to express gratitude for the trial opportunity. Convey your enthusiasm for their institution and your eagerness to advance your football career with them.

You can even politely request feedback on your performance during the trial. This insight can help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement, which is valuable regardless of the trial’s outcome. If you don’t immediately receive an offer or a positive response, don’t lose hope. Continue seeking other opportunities, expanding your network, and enhancing your skills.


So, that’s just what you really need to know. It’s not impossible for anyone to get a football trial in Europe from Nigeria. But, at the same time, you will spend some money. Some key people will try to bill you to get some things done. You can always negotiate. If someone is trying to extort, stay away from them. In fact, let your talent speak for you. In addition to talent, build a network like I mentioned earlier because you need deeply involved personalities in Nigerian football to give you the needed publicity that can get you to Europe.

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