Ajax Football Academy Scholarship

Ajax is in known for high quality football, and has been home to some of the world’s best players, including Johan Cruijff and Wesley Sneijder. If you do not know these names, do look up on them about their legacy in football. Today, we are going to talk about Ajax Football Academy scholarship, and I will also tell you the requirements. Meanwhile, Ajax Football Club, situated in Amsterdam, is a Dutch club with a history starting from 1956. The Ajax Football Academy scholarship is now available. So, if you want to save money while learning to play football, this is your opportunity.

About Ajax Football Academy

Ajax has been a leading team in the Dutch League, securing numerous titles. It’s also one of the rare teams to have clinched the European Cup three times consecutively between 1971 and 1973. In 1972, Ajax celebrated a remarkable double win by securing the Eredivisie title, the KNVB Cup, and the European Cup. That year, they also claimed the first-ever UEFA Super Cup against Glasgow Rangers and went on to win the Intercontinental Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Champions League in 1995, defeating Milan in the final.

The Ajax Football Club is focused on developing young players and offers a supportive environment in its youth department. This update will go over how to sign up for the Ajax Football Academy, what’s involved in the Ajax youth trials, the steps to join the Ajax Youth Academy, and how to apply for the Ajax Youth Academy exam.

Ajax Football Academy Scholarship

You can take part in Open Trials or special drafting events with Ajax. Also, those looking for opportunities can contact the academy directly. Our Scout team has listed the criteria to enroll in the Ajax Football Academy scholarship, which includes:

  1. Proof of financial need if you’re applying for the Ajax Football Academy scholarship.
  2. A video submission, especially for those applying from abroad.
  3. Parental consent is required for applicants under 18 before they register for the Ajax Football Academy.
  4. Detailed information about you, any previous clubs you’ve played for, and your contact details.
  5. A solid academic record, backed by your school.

Ajax Football Academy Scholarship Requirements

  1. The player should be eager to improve their skills and aim to join a local professional team after finishing our program.
  2. They should have lived in the UAE for at least 5 years and be dedicated to playing only for the Ajax Academy.
  3. The player’s parents must be ready to give all the necessary logistical support, including planning and meeting other needs.
  4. The player needs to have outstanding talent and potential, more so than others.

How to Register

It’s actually simple to register for Ajax Football Academy scholarship. To apply for the Ajax Football Academy scholarship: When we find that you, as a player, are fit for the scholarship program, the Academy Manager will contact your parents. They will help your parents with the steps to get you enrolled in the program.

Ajax Football Youth Academy

The Ajax Football Youth Academy is a well-known sports institution recognized for creating outstanding players. Many of its graduates have joined the main team of the club, earning acclaim for their skills. This Academy is present in multiple cities around the world, celebrated for its commitment to professional growth, health education, and student involvement.

The club provides various programs for young athletes, like holiday programs, annual training, and training camps. These programs are designed to help players enhance their skills and take part in developmental competitions, boosting their abilities. Additionally, the Academy offers scholarships to gifted players who might not have the financial resources to participate.

The Ajax Youth Academy is a popular place for young football fans and is greatly desired by aspiring players. With its dedication to developing players and its commitment to fostering excellence, it’s no surprise that the club is seen as one of the top sports academies in Europe, especially in Italy.


So, that’s really all you need to know about the Ajax Football Academy scholarship. This is a football powerhouse club, and its academy is world-class.

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