How to Join a Football Academy in Netherlands

The Netherlands is the go-to football destination if you have the talent to make a great footballer. Traditionally, this country is a football powerhouse, and home to some of the best in the world, including Virgil van Dijk and Johan Cruyff. So, yes, the Netherlands is the perfect place to kickstart your career. In this post, we are going to talk about how to join a football academy in Netherlands. No, it isn’t difficult—you just need to identify an academy that can build your talent, and then register with them.

How to Join a Football Academy in Netherlands

We are going to cover 9 simple steps that you will generally need to follow to join any Netherlands football academy. Let’s get started.

1. Find the Perfect Football Academy in the Netherlands

We have so many top football academies in the Netherlands, including:

  1. Global Football Academy
  2. Feyenoord Youth Academy
  3. Amsterdam International Football Academy (AIFA)
  4. KNVB Academy
  5. Johan Cruyff Academy

There are a lot more of them out there but these 5 are just some of the best. So, start by looking at different football academies in the Netherlands, including the Ajax football academy. Learn about their training styles and their achievements. Choose a football academy that matches your football dreams and goals.

Get in touch with them via their website to know how to apply, if they have any special tests or things you need to do, and what papers you need to have. When you go for trials or tests, you should be able to show your best skills and talent. Be prepared both physically and mentally. Also, if you plan to attend the academy and train simultaneously, think about things like where it is, living options, and help with schoolwork.

2. Contact the Netherlands Football Academy

Usually, to join a football academy in Netherlands you get in touch with the academy once you sign up or register on their website. So, start by contacting the academy. Look at different football academies in the country and pick ones that fit your goals and aspirations. You can find their contact details on their websites, like Feyenoord, for example. You can either send an email or give them a call. When you talk to them, introduce yourself, share your passion for football, and ask about their application process, trials, or any special requirements they have for joining. Some of these academies are privately owned, so you will have to pay to join. It can be a weekly, monthly, or a year-long program.

3. Learn About the Admission Process and Requirements

As for step number 3, you have to know the requirements that qualify you to join a football academy in Netherlands. Here, we are looking at typically your age. Football academies in the Netherlands admit young talents from the age of 5 to 21—it all depends on the specific academy.

To get into a football academy in the Netherlands, there’s usually a specific process and standards to meet. You can learn about their particular admission requirements by visiting their official websites or contacting them directly. Most academies are looking for talented players who are passionate about football. You might need to fill in a detailed application form with information about yourself, your football background, and any achievements you have. They may also ask for a video showing your skills and talents. Some football academies in the Netherlands might also have tests or trials to assess your abilities and see if you’re a good fit for their program.

4. Meet Up with the Academy

If you already reside in the Netherlands, this should be a lot easier for you. You can simply go to the academy’s training center once you complete the application. If you are an international applicant, you usually have to go through the visa process. You will need to obtain an international passport and then a visa. You usually need a student visa but the football academy can always recommend the best pathway to get to the Netherlands.

5. Participate in a tryout or assessment

Generally, they will provide detailed information about upcoming tryout dates, how to register, and any paperwork or forms to complete. Prepare for the tryouts by practicing your skills, improving your fitness, and understanding Dutch football style. During the tryout, make sure to demonstrate your abilities and maintain a strong work ethic. Be confident, give your best, and remember to stay positive. After the tryout to join a football academy in the Netherlands, be patient and wait for the academy’s response regarding your performance.

6. Stay in Touch with the Academy

So, the 6th step when it comes to joining a football academy in the Netherlands is to keep in touch. They will have to review your application. During the evaluation, your application should show that you are dedicated, can work well in a team, and have a positive attitude. If an academy accepts you, you’ll need to wait for their acceptance decision. Note that some Dutch football academies such as Ajax Football Academy do not create room for direct application; they only scout and invite those they consider the best.

7. Complete All Required Forms and Payments

Contact the academy you’re interested in to get an application form and more details about the admission process. Fill in all necessary forms, including your personal and medical information, and consent forms. Be prepared to provide proof of your identity, academic records, and a football resume that highlights your experience and achievements. Pay attention to any application or registration fees and ensure they are paid promptly. Submit all the paperwork and any additional documents required by the academy, either by hand or online.

8. Participate in the Orientation or Induction

Attend the academy’s orientation or induction session. This is where you’ll learn about the academy’s training philosophy, methods, and facilities. It’s also an opportunity to meet the coaches and ask any questions you might have. This session allows the academy to further assess your skills and determine if you’re a suitable match for their program. Additionally, this session provides valuable information that can enhance your chances of being admitted to a Dutch football academy.

9. Get all the necessary equipment and clothing

The final step you may have to take to join a football academy in Netherlands is to prepare the right gear. The academy will usually give you gear and kits but you still need some personal stuff around. Start with a good pair of football boots suitable for various types of pitches.

Pick comfortable and well-fitting clothing like shorts, shirts, and socks. Don’t forget shin guards for protection during practice and matches. Goalkeepers need to have their own well-fitting and comfortable gear. Lastly, consider getting a durable sports bag to keep your equipment organized and easy to carry. But don’t worry, your academy will provide you with all the basics.


So, there you go—9 simple steps for anyone who wants to join a football academy in Netherlands. Football is a skill that needs constant practice and dedication. This is why football academies are so important. Remember that different academies have their own admission requirements. Just make sure to read up the fine print, know what you need to know, and stay up to date.

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