How to Get a Job Working for the Federal Government if You Seriously Need One

We already know that the normal method is to apply for job vacancies through the federal government job portals with your qualifications. However, there’s typically no guarantee that you’ll get the job because your application is just one in thousands of other eligible applications. Today, you are going to learn something different so that the next time you are going to apply for the job, you will have a better chance of being employed.

It’s technically TRUE that you need to know somebody to get a job with the federal government. Irrespective of how many years of experience you might have or your qualifications for a certain agency, someone with far less experience and qualifications can get the job on their first attempt. So, yes, it’s somehow based on “who you know” or, as Nigerians say, “Who know who”. That’s going to be the focus of this post, but I’ll show you how you can increase your chances even if you don’t know anyone in that department right now.

How to Get a Job Working for the Federal Government

We’ll keep this very short and sweet so you understand what you are going into.

1. Get to KNOW the government agency you want to work for

You already know there are levels to this job, and the smaller the level, the higher your chance of getting in. The problem with starting from a small level is that it can take time to reach the top. But if you want to enter the mid-range or higher levels, it’s harder because such slots are known to be ‘reserved’, which is illegal. Job racketeering is not new in federal jobs. It’s always either someone bids 500,000 to 2.5 million naira for a slot or has someone in the agency who will simply enter their name when it’s time to hire people. This is why in a family deep-rooted in government work, the entire family easily gets a pass to work in government whenever they are ready. But for someone who just finished school, whether it’s secondary or tertiary, it’s different. Your CV or resume will be competing for a vacancy of 2,000 people with 20,000 applicants, whereby about 300 or more have been secured for people already.

Now, it really depends on the level of the job you need. Yes, you can easily get a lower level job, up to Level 8 in the federal government if you have connections (who you know) or if there is an ancestral connection with high ranking people.

It’s not like the candidates are employed are not selected on merit. They are. In fact, after your employment letter, you might have to take a federal service commission exam, depending on your ministry.

In short, it is correct to say, “have connections” because it makes it very easy. Or, be very intelligent and hardworking.

The keywords here are connection and intelligence. The secondary keyword is ‘luck’ whereby people just get the job without doing anything special.

If you don’t have connections, at least, start now to meet people. You can visit the agency where you want to work and make findings yourself. By way of doing this, you’ll meet someone who knows someone. There’s always that one person who will say, “Okay, give me your number. I know someone.”

Your first day might not work, but you don’t stop going. Eventually, your face will be seen more often, your intentions known, and a better possibility of getting the job. You don’t want to annoy the staff though. Now, this is part of showing intelligence. You want this thing, you come for it, not just visiting cyber cafes in your area to apply online. After all, that online is managed by human beings.

2. Know their recruitment dates and process

The problem with some of these agencies is that they don’t have functional websites. Today, the site is accessible, tomorrow it’s down. Also, no proper information and guidelines that will help you. That’s why you have to visit the agency and do your findings yourself. This might even lead you to meet someone, but make sure you are interacting with the staff and not some random passersby.

The workers may not know when recruitment is ongoing, but will tell you something that will help you find out another important thing. That is a clue that will help you. You can’t find everything online. It’s when you find yourself at these federal agencies that you actually get to know something.

3. Don’t just qualify but make sure you are QUALIFIED

Whenever we say qualifications for federal jobs, the first thing people think of is their school certificates. But that’s not all there is to it. Also, note that SSCE (such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc.) is not the only acceptable certificate. But also, your B.SC, HND, NCE, (or equivalent certificate from an accredited tertiary institution) etc., help a lot. There are claims making rounds that you won’t be hired as the government only needs those with SSCE. But that’s not true. Usually, what happens is that someone may submit their B.SC only to be offered an SSCE level job.

The requirements include:

  • Minimum of 5 Credits in WAEC or NECO
  • National identification card or driver‘s license
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age document
  • Certificate of origin (from your local government)
  • Two recent passport photographs

But why does the heading of this section say you shouldn’t just qualify but actually be qualified? It means that you could have all these certificates but still not get the job. Someone else could still get the job despite your certificate being better than theirs, and there is a reason for that. So, to be qualified, get to know someone in that ministry for connection. It’s also a form of intelligence. It’s when we meet people that we get help. Some people don’t believe in this concept but it’s actually true. A lot of us got to where we are just from knowing someone.

4. Be willing to start from a lower level

It’s better you enter first than to wait until you get employed at a higher level. And then while in, you can start working on yourself and knowing people to help you move up much faster. That promotion letter comes when you start talking to people who can make it happen, and also when you show intelligence. Sometimes, it also means you have to put down something along the line to make it work.

5. Prepare to put something Down

Getting a federal job is honestly not easy. Most of the time, people buy slots. But you have to be careful because even a legit slot is hard to come by, which is why I started by telling you to get to know people in that ministry. There are sure plugs in these things but knowing them is the problem. That’s why you start little, and you get to meet people.

When you are also working hard to secure the job through people you have met, you have to consider their demand and compare it to your salary expectations. The federal government has a salary structure, so get to know it and see if that makes sense for the money you are likely to put down to get that job. Usually, what you get paid may depend on the agencies, ministries, or parastatals. Different departments receive different benefit packages and so on. If it’s worth it, then you make it happen. I mean, put down the money to see that this job is yours.

6. Apply for this Job Yourself

When the portal is open, try applying for the job yourself. I don’t know why many applicants choose to have other people or computer shops do the registrations for them when the portal is open to everyone to apply! I get it, not all of us are versatile with the use of computers and application portals. That’s okay, but you should at least be part of the process of registration. What I mean is that you should closely follow up the process yourself, such as making sure that your name, email, and other personal information are entered correctly. A lot of these computer service shops are careless with how they handle such information, and they make mistakes.

It’s just for you to know the recruitment portal for the federal job, log into it, and register. You’ll be required to upload some of your credentials like your ID and certificate—you upload them. However, if the process requires biometrics, that’s when you should visit a computer shop to do the registration in your presence. You stay there next to the screen until the application is complete.

Now, if you have had any prior discussion with someone in the agency whom you met, let them know that you have completed the registration. You might then have to send them your name or a code from the registration.

Again, make sure you always enter your correct contact email address and phone number.

7. Follow for Updates

The good thing about this site is that even if no publication has been made about the job you are interested in, you can encourage us to cover that job, and any updates you need to know about.

8. Wait for your employment confirmation

If you entered into any agreement, don’t pay until after IPPIS ( capture. It is used for your data capture and verification to make sure that you are the same person who applied for this job. The reason this is important is that if you are dealing with an insincere person, they might give you a fake appointment letter. You probably can’t sue the person since that might also affect you. Ps. I’m not a lawyer, so it is left for a lawyer to determine whether you can or not.

You Are Going to Run Into Scammers

While on this search, you’ll meet a lot of people, including fake job guarantee adverts that just want to take your money with nothing in return. You will also meet people who will try to help. But remember not to feel entitled or whatsoever.

Don’t deal with faceless plugs, that is, some random people online, who promise to get you a federal government job. If you are not so sure, offer to pay only when you have been issued your letter of appointment and IPPIS capture.

While you’re going into this, here’s a piece of advice that’ll go a long way. When you are desperate for something, it makes you prone to falling into the wrong hands. That’s why many people fall for job scams, and end up losing money. Make sure you start now to visit the agency of your choice, meet people and have connections who can help you get this job.

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