Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship

The Jim Ovia Scholars programme was set up in 1998 while Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship was founded in 2004. These are fully funded by Mr. Jim Ovia. It aims to help outstanding Nigerian youths financially. This scholarship is open to both new and returning applicants in 2024. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the Jim Ovia Foundation scholarship focusing on two categories of its scholarship, including the MUSTE scholarship and the Scholars programme.

Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship 2024

Every year, around 100 new scholarships are given out, and past recipients who meet the requirements can renew theirs. Since October 2010, Mr. Ovia has put in more than 100 million Naira, aiding over 1,500 beneficiaries so far.

So, you can be a part of this scholarship opportunity and fund your education without paying. In the next sections, we are going to talk about the application process as well as the eligibility for both scholarships.

How to Apply for the Jim Ovia Scholarship

So, we’ll start by giving you the steps to apply for the scholarship and get it. For applying to the Jim Ovia scholarship in 2024/2025, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the official Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship application page for the Scholars program or MUSTE scholarship 2024.
  2. New applicants should click “Create Account” or “Register Now.”
  3. Returning applicants should click the returning application form or just click the Login button to log into your existing account. The application process for the Jim Ovia Scholarship is happening now, and all qualified students are encouraged to apply through the online portal.

Jim Ovia Scholars Program 2024

Each year, 100 scholarships are given to eligible candidates. Selection is based on intellectual skills, leadership potential, and a commitment to positively impact society and help others. Note that you must be a Nigerian citizen in a Nigerian institution to qualify for this scholarship.

Jim Ovia MUSTE Scholarship 2024

This is another Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship for Nigerian students. This one is also open to all undergraduate University students of Nigerian citizenship.

However, only 100 students are selected every year from a list of eligible applicants. The criteria for this scholarship include personal intellectual ability, leadership capability, and a desire to contribute to society. So, if you embody these qualities, this one is for you.

General Requirements for Jim Ovia Scholarship Applicants

  1. Should show strong leadership skills.
  2. Need to have high intellectual capabilities.
  3. Must be a Nigerian citizen.
  4. Must be a student (graduate or undergraduate) at a recognized Nigerian university. Note: Students in levels 200 and above (300, 400, 500) can apply for the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship.
  5. Should be dedicated to serving society selflessly.

Benefits of the Jim Ovia Scholarship in Financial Terms

  1. If you get the Jim Ovia Scholarship, you’ll get 150,000 Naira every year.
  2. The scholarship lasts as long as your study program. So, if your program is 6 years, you’ll get the scholarship for 6 years, and if it’s 4 years, for 4 years.
  3. The scholarship fully covers your undergraduate or graduate studies for a certain time. This includes paying your tuition and giving you a set amount for living costs.


Usually, the application deadline for the Jim Ovia Foundation scholarship is in February, so make sure to apply early. Be sure to carefully go through the scholarship application guide before you submit your application.

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