Scholarship for African Students in Canada

In today’s article, I’ll be discussing a scholarship opportunity for African nationals interested in studying in Canada. Remember, in Canada, the official languages are English and French, but there are scholarships in both languages. So, we will just go ahead and talk more about the best scholarship for African students in Canada. After that, we will look at other scholarships that you can apply for as an African in Canada.

The education sector in Canada heavily relies on international students because they contribute a lot to the economy. They pay tuition fees that are almost 4 to 5 times higher than what Canadian citizens or permanent residents pay. Also, they cover their living expenses, like rent and daily needs, which all contribute to Canada’s economy.

Scholarship for African Students in Canada: University of Ottawa 2024

There’s this university in Canada, the University of Ottawa, which is offering full scholarships to international students from Africa who want to study in Canada in English.

They have various scholarship options, but we are interested in the ones for African students who will study in English. In 2024, the University of Ottawa provides scholarships that significantly reduce tuition fees for undergraduate international students.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this scholarship for African students in Canada, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Students must be citizens of an African country and choose to study in English. This is important because the University of Ottawa is a bilingual institution. They offer courses in both English and French. However, they have specific scholarships that require students to study in both English and French.
  2. Students must be newly admitted in the fall term of 2022 or later.
  3. You should be enrolling in specific undergraduate programs within the Faculty of Engineering, Science, or Social Sciences.

These programs are available for African students studying in English, and you automatically get scholarships when you enroll. In the Faculty of Engineering, there are Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. In the Faculty of Social Sciences, there’s Sociology, Anthropology, International Development and Globalization, Conflict Studies, and Public Administration. Also, all programs in the Faculty of Science are included, except the joint honors Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Ophthalmic Medical Technology.

University of Ottawa Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amounts depend on your admission average and the faculty of your program. In the Faculty of Engineering, if your admission average is 90% or more, you get $100,000 over four years. If it’s 89.9% or less, you get $80,000 over four years. In Social Sciences, an admission average of 90% or more gets you $70,000 over four years, and 89.9% or less gets you $50,000 over four years. The Faculty of Science follows the same pattern as Social Sciences.

How to Apply for this  Scholarship for African Students in Canada

To apply for scholarships for African students at the University of Ottawa, there are different methods depending on whether you are applying for undergraduate programs or other levels.

  1. If you are ready to apply, visit the University of Ottawa website.
  2. Your eligibility for the University of Ottawa’s programs depends on your current level of education and the specific program you are interested in.
  3. Different African countries are given different requirements, so it’s important to check those. You also need to look at the specific requirements for your chosen program and focus areas.
  4. Make sure to check the deadlines and the programs available before applying.
  5. To apply, you need to do it online through the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) by filling out form 105.
  6. Submit your application with all the required documents. The University of Ottawa won’t pre-assess or review your application before you submit it. Your application will only be evaluated after it has been submitted and all necessary documents are received.

Even if you meet all the requirements, admission is not guaranteed. The successful students will receive financial support, and the scholarship amount varies depending on your admission average and the faculty that offers the study program.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the scholarship application is different for each program, so you need to visit the university website to find out the specific dates. Make sure to submit your application on time and ensure you don’t miss out on this important scholarship opportunity for international applicants interested in studying at the University of Ottawa.

So, that’s it for the scholarship for African students in Canada, the University of Ottawa, which is a very good scholarship. Now, we are going to look at 5 other scholarship opportunities that you can also apply for to receive a scholarship.

Other Scholarships for African Students in Canada

Of course, Canada is one of the best study destinations right now. We talked about the University Of Ottawa scholarship for Africans. Now, we will look at 5 really good scholarships that you can apply for as an African in Canada.

1. UdeM Exemption Scholarship for International Students (Université de Montréal)

The University of Montreal, a well-known Canadian public university, presents the UdeM Exemption Scholarship for International Students. This is a credit-based scholarship meant just for international students. As a top research university in Canada, the University of Montreal gets over CA$ 600 million in research funding annually. The UdeM exemption scholarship aims to help international students with their studies at the university. It exempts the winners from the usual tuition fees charged to international students.

This scholarship for African students in Canada will be offered for the upcoming winter, summer, fall, and winter terms. The amount awarded depends on the study level of the recipient.

2. TMU Postdoctoral Fellowships for Black Scholars

At number 2, we have the Toronto Metropolitan University scholarship. For Africans, we have the TMU Postdoctoral Fellowships for Black Scholars which you can apply for. This is to address the low representation and challenges Black people face in academia and jobs.

This university wants to increase diversity and inclusion among its staff. So, they will choose four skilled Black scholars for this program. Each Fellow will get a yearly grant of 70,000 Canadian dollars to cover their postdoctoral salary for up to two years. Candidates need to meet certain requirements to be considered for the fellowship.

3. Richard Van Loon Scholarship (Carleton University)

For African students, the Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship is a notable Canadian award to think about. Started in 2005 by friends of Richard J. Van Loon, the 10th President of Carleton University, it gives a one-time award of CA$5,000 to an outstanding international student from Africa. This is hosted by Carleton University, and to qualify for this scholarship for African students in Canada, you need to be from an African country, have a valid Study Permit for Canada, and be studying full-time at Carleton University, advancing from one academic year to the next. Although they’re not accepting applications right now, watch out for future chances.

4. International English Scholarship

At number 4, we have the University of Ottawa’s substantial scholarship for African students with its International English Scholarship. We have talked about this earlier, so we are just going over it again summarily. There are two types: the Entrance Scholarship and the Excellence Scholarship. Both are based on academic achievement and are renewable for African students in English studies.

Note that this scholarship is limited to certain programs and the amount varies based on your faculty. The Entrance Scholarship can give up to CA$80,000 over four years, averaging CA$20,000 a year. The Excellence Award gives CA$100,000 over four years, averaging CA$25,000 yearly.

5. African Continent Scholarship (Niagara College)

Finally, we have the African Continent Scholarship. This one is offered by Niagara College, which is a great opportunity for students beginning their first term at the college. This scholarship for African students in Canada is for international students from any African country who have been accepted into a Niagara College academic program for the next academic year. You can only receive one scholarship or award per term. This means you can’t receive multiple awards or scholarships for African students in Canada under this program.


So, here you go. We have been able to talk a lot about the best scholarship for African students in Canada, and we really focused on the University of Ottawa English scholarship for African students. We have also looked at an additional 4, so make your pick and begin your applications before 2024 runs out.

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