Scholarship for Female Students in Nigeria

As a female student in Nigeria, the odds can also be in your favor. I mean in terms of studying for whatever degree you prefer without paying the tuition. We understand that tuition can be really expensive, but that’s just the cost of education over ignorance. Fortunately, you can apply for specialized scholarships meant for females only. So, I will tell you about the active scholarship for female students in Nigeria that you can apply for in 2024.

Scholarship for Female Students in Nigeria 2024-2025

I identified 10 active scholarships you can apply for right now. As long as you are a female and meet other individual and academic requirements, you will get the scholarship.

1. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship for Nigerian Women 2024-25

So, the first on the list is the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship introduced to support female students in Nigeria. You need to be pursuing either undergraduate or graduate degrees in any field of study to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity.

This scholarship focuses on empowering women, providing them with the necessary education and skills to emerge as future leaders in Nigeria. You can begin your application journey now.

2. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship for Female Engineering Students

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship supports female engineering students with financial assistance for their undergraduate studies. This scholarship promotes gender equality in engineering and reduces the gender gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. For more information, you can visit the NLNG Scholarship where you can start the application process for this scholarship for female students in Nigeria.

3. MRS Female Engineering Scholarship 2024

Female students in Nigeria who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in engineering are provided support via a scholarship from MRS Female Engineering. The goal of this scholarship is to increase female participation in the engineering sector and open up more opportunities for women in this field.

4. She Leads Africa (SLA) Scholarship

We also have She Leads Africa (SLA), an organization committed to the empowerment and support of African women. The typical support women in the areas of business, leadership, and career advancement. Of course, the support includes scholarships for talented Nigerian females.

SLA provides scholarships to exceptional female students who are pursuing higher education in Nigeria. To find out more about these opportunities, you can visit the She Leads Africa application portal to begin the application. Yes, the application for SLA is free.

5. WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2024

Female African students who are undertaking undergraduate studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines are granted scholarships from the WAAW Foundation.

This scholarship increases the representation of African women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. You can visit the WAAW Foundation website for more information. I also found that if you have any questions regarding the WAAW scholarship for female students in Nigeria, you can inquire about it on their website and they will get back to you. I did reach out to them about the scholarship availability—and they responded that the WAAW Foundation scholarship for female students in Nigeria is still ongoing.

6. Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship for Women from Developing Countries 2024-2025

Sixth on the list is the Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship is granted to exceptional female students from developing countries, including Nigeria. You need to be a female student pursuing graduate studies in the fields of peace and development studies. This fellowship supports women who are dedicated to fostering peace, social justice, and sustainable development. So, I was able to apply for this scholarship via this page and it got approved.

7. Peace, Education, and Development (PEADEV) Scholarship for Nigerian Women

Nigerian females who are pursuing higher education, especially in areas related to peace, education, and development should apply for the PEADEV scholarship. This is the official application portal for this scholarship. If you are a female, talented student, don’t miss this opportunity. This scholarship is also fairly competitive, so your chance of being approved is at least 98%, that’s a huge one.

The goal of this scholarship is to empower women and encourage their participation in creating sustainable solutions for the developmental challenges in Nigeria.

8. Grace Lake Partners Female Scholarship

The primary purpose of the Grace Lake Partners Female Scholarship is to support high-achieving female students in Nigeria who are enrolled in undergraduate programs.

This scholarship is focused on promoting academic excellence and leadership skills among young Nigerian women. More information is available on the Grace Lake Partners website.

9. TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for African Women

Outstanding African women who are pursuing an MBA at top global business schools are awarded the TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship. This scholarship encourages women in leadership roles and enhances their involvement in business management. Visit the TY Danjuma Foundation website for more details.

10. A.G. Leventis Foundation MBA Scholarship for Nigerian Women 2024

The A.G. Leventis Foundation MBA Scholarship supports Nigerian women who are pursuing MBA degrees at leading international business schools. This scholarship for female students in Nigeria is meant to develop the next generation of female business leaders in Nigeria. You should quickly apply for this A.G. Leventis scholarship before it closes this 2024.


So, these are some of the scholarships available for female students in Nigeria. These scholarships have one thing in common, and that is empowering women. As I mentioned earlier, the odds for education are also on female students in Nigeria, so make sure to leverage this scholarship opportunity for yourself. As my last piece of advice, apply to as many of the scholarships as possible to increase your chances. No, there is no limit to scholarships you can apply for as a female student.

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