NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship

Let’s be honest, education in Nigeria is quite cheap. But even though it’s affordable, not everyone can meet the financial requirements, including the tuition and other miscellaneous. Fortunately, as an undergraduate in Nigeria, you have Nigeria LNG’s support. So, we will talk about the NLNG undergraduate scholarship which you can apply for in 2024 as an undergraduate.

Nigeria LNG Limited is quite committed to education through scholarship programs in the country. So, as a top-performing student, undergraduate, and professional, this one is for you. You are going to face a lot of competition but it’s a healthy one that also helps you improve. Besides, What’s life without a little bit of competition here and there.

NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship

The NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship started in 1998, initially helping students in the company’s host communities. In 2003, it expanded to include students from all over Nigeria.

Up to now, 2,833 undergraduates from various Nigerian universities have benefited from the program, with a total investment exceeding N600 million.

In 2012, the shift to online applications and using social media (like Facebook) for spreading information made the selection process better and more cost-efficient, while also increasing awareness.

The scholarship amount has gone up from N100,000 to N300,000 for each student per academic year, covering the duration of their course.

The NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is currently open for applications for this session. Established in 1998 as part of the education support program for host communities, it later opened up to students nationwide. Find out how to apply for the NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship.

Requirements for NLNG undergraduate scholarship

Now, we will talk about the application requirements you need to apply for the NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship.

  1. Be a full-time undergraduate student.
  2. Be in your 100-level or 200-level at the time of application.
  3. Possess an SSCE or equivalent certificate.
  4. Have your UTME score available.
  5. Provide an admission letter from your university with your matriculation number if you are a UTME applicant.
  6. If you are applying through direct entry, you need to provide proof of an A-level or equivalent certificate.
  7. Complete your application online through the university’s official portal.

This application is free. No one should take any money from you with any form of guarantee that you’ll be selected. How this works is that applications get through a system that filters out ineligible applicants. Whatever is left is being reviewed by real people until the best ones are selected. If you happen to make the list, of course, you’ll receive a success email with instructions on what to do next.

Things That Disqualify You

I’m going to disclose those things that can disqualify you from this NLNG undergraduate scholarship. If any of the following sounds like you, then you are ineligible for this scholarship.

  • Your UTME score is below 200
  • Your CGPA is less than 2.50 on a 5-point scale, or its equivalent
  • You are s student in 300-level or higher
  • You’re already getting a similar scholarship from another company or government such as MTN Science and Tech and Guinness Nigeria scholarships.
  • Your parents work for NLNG.

One thing we have seen about NLNG scholarship over the years is that it’s very strict with eligiblity. We also see a lot of students applying even though they do not qualify. Don’t bother applying because you won’t magically be selected. NLNG takes your eligibility seriously, and there’s a system in place that automatically filters out ineligible applications. Therefore, your time and effort will be in vain since it may not even get to the human review stage.

We have seen situations where students have mistakenly missed out on the scholarship despite being selected. This is usually as a result of not checking your email. Use your primary email for the registration, and check it very often.

You can check your email once a day or at least 3 to 4 times a week. Over here, we monitor our emails multiple times daily due to engagements, and things we need to look out for.

Documents Needed for NLNG Scholarship Application 2024

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll need to provide these personal and educational details, and scanned copies of:

  • A recent passport-sized photo in JPEG format, not exceeding 200 kilobytes in size.
  • Your university admission letter or JAMB (UTME or D/E) letter.
  • Your UTME score.
  • Your O’ Level results and, if applicable, A-Level/OND/NCE results.
  • A letter of identification from your state of origin, which should indicate your local government area.

Do your best to make sure you have your papers in place because nobody will wait for you. There are so many applicants already, and you might have to suspend till the next session if you don’t have your complete papers.

We have seen students miss out on this opportunity simply because they haven’t had their complete papers. Don’t be on such student.

How to apply for the NLNG undergraduate scholarship

  1. Go to the NLNG official website.
  2. Click on CSR and then Education.
  3. Under Education, choose Scholarship.
  4. Select NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship under the “NLNG Scholarship Scheme”.
  5. Fill in the required information and upload your documents.
  6. Finally, submit your application by clicking Submit Application.

You have to keep checking your email henceforth. It could be once daily or at least 3 times a week. Another thing you’ll want to do is follow NLNG on Facebook and X. They sometimes post about what applicants should look out for. Here at, we also follow this information to help our applicants stay up to date.


The deadline for NLNG undergraduate scholarship applications will be announced here once NLNG makes it official. It’s a good scholarship opportunity and also a very competitive one. We’ve seen lots of applications over the years. And of course, not everyone gets it. You need to be very careful following the instructions to keep up and eventually even receive this scholarship call up letter.

NLNG doesn’t do a lot of publications on this scholarship. This is why you need to share this update until it gets to other people who might b eligible to apply.

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