19 Scholarships in Spain for African Students

Currently, Spain is one of the favorite study destinations in the world for most Africans. So, if your preferred country is Spain, you are making a brilliant choice. There are currently 76 Spanish universities, out of which 45 are public, and 31 are private universities. University education is not expensive in Spain compared to some other European countries. However, not every African student can afford it, which is why we are looking at the top scholarships in Spain for African students today. This is going to be a unique list, so all you really have to do is do some more research on each scholarship, apply, and then move to Spain.

Scholarships in Spain for African Students

We are going to look at a total of 19 scholarships. That’s a whole lot of list for you to choose from. But that’s okay, I’m going to try to provide the really important information you need about each scholarship. So, let’s get started.

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

First, let’s start with the Erasmus Mundus scholarships. The scholarship award is a €1,000 monthly stipend, travel allowances, and more and the applicable degree is Graduate Programs. The Erasmus Plus Programme focuses on education, sports, and training in the European Union. They offer the Joint Masters scholarship to African graduate students for advanced study programs.

To begin the application process, visit the official website for all the details and requirements. You’ll need to send in a letter explaining why you want to study, proof of how well you know the language, and your past school records with your application.

2. European University of the Atlantic Collaboration Scholarship

At number 2, we have the European University of the Atlantic scholarship. The Scholarship amount is a Full Tuition Fee Waiver and the Eligible degree is an Undergraduate Program. The Collaboration Scholarship at the European University of the Atlantic is aimed at incoming international students, including those from Africa, who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer engineering.

If you must apply for this scholarship for African students in Spain, you need to meet the university’s pre-registration requirements, pay any fees involved, and pass the entrance exam. You must submit these documents when you apply:

  1. The university’s application and pre-registration form,
  2. A valid ID card or passport, and
  3. Your past academic records.

Your academic records should clearly show your overall average or grades for each subject. A committee will review applications and personally notify the chosen student. Another thing you need to know is that to keep qualifying for this scholarship in your next years of study, you must do well academically and take part in university events and activities.

3. Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) Scholarship 2024

Third on the list of scholarships in Spain for African students is the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE). They offer many scholarships that reduce fees for all their Master’s degree programs. These scholarships in Spain for Africans cover the full tuition fees. They are open to international students who get accepted into the university in Spain and have a strong academic record from their undergraduate studies.

4. Zaragoza Logistics Research Center (ZLC) scholarship

Up next, we are going to look at the Zaragoza Logistics Research Center (ZLC). They actually give scholarships for graduate studies. These are paid for by the Local Savings Bank and the European Social Fund. The scholarship covers all tuition and housing costs.

You must have a master’s degree in logistics engineering and supply chain for your application. You can apply for this scholarship every year in March. ZLC is a place for research and learning connected to both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza (UZ). This scholarship is available to both bachelor and non-technical bachelor students.

5. Applications Open for 2024 Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarships

The European Union Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS has opened applications for the 2024 Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarship Programme. This is for Nigerians pursuing Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Europe, fully funded by the EU. EU Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Ms Samuela Isopi, emphasized the program’s role in promoting educational and cultural exchanges. The Erasmus+ scholarships are now also available to teaching and non-teaching staff of higher education institutions. Eligible Nigerians, including university staff, can find application details, eligibility criteria, and study options at the official Erasmus+ Scholarship website.

6. Esade Ramon Llull University – Esade MSc Merit Scholarships

At number 6, we have this Scholarship which the Amount is a 10-50% reduction in tuition costs—Esade MSc Merit Scholarships. The eligible Degree is Master’s Studies. The Esade MSc Merit Scholarships are open to both Spanish and international students aiming for a master’s degree at Esade Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain. These scholarships are for excellent graduate students in MSc programs at the university. They look at your academic achievements, where you’re from, and your gender.

For the application, use the university’s admission portal. The process for getting into graduate school and applying for a scholarship is the same. Whether you get a scholarship depends on your GRE scores, your grades, essays, and recommendation letters.

7. Marie Curie Individual Fellowships – Global Fellowships

Marie Curie is also one of the scholarships in Spain for African students with a mobility stipend including €600 monthly, a €500 monthly living allowance, funding for research projects, and additional benefits based on your application. The Eligible Degree is a PhD.

The Marie Curie Individual Fellowships, known as the top scholarships in Spain for international students, are offered by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), a research support program by the European Union. MSCA helps outstanding researchers with their PhD programs, providing funds for research and other costs while studying in Spain.

MSCA accepts applications for any PhD program. To apply, you must send in your CV, academic records showing your master’s degree, a cover letter, and two letters of recommendation. You also need to write a research proposal. The proposal has two parts: the administrative form and the actual research plan. You can find templates and forms on the MSCA website. This fellowship is very competitive, so make sure your application is on time and your research proposal is very good.

8. Barcelona University of Design and Technology Scholarship 2024

At number 8, we have the University of Barcelona offers scholarships for Master’s degrees in Data Science. But, the scholarship only pays for tuition, not for other costs like travel, housing, and everyday expenses. Students with excellent grades in their Bachelor’s studies have a better chance of getting the scholarship.

Also, if you want to apply for the University of Barcelona’s Design and Technology Grant, you should send your application to Spanish consulates or embassies. For other scholarships in Spain for African students, you usually send your application to the scholarship office in the admission and registration department at the university.

9. Polytechnic University of Valencia Scholarship

If you don’t mind attending a polytechnic, you can apply to the Polytechnic University of Valencia. They offer financial support to outstanding students who have finished their first year of study successfully. These scholarships in Spain for African students usually pay for 50% of your tuition fees. You can also check out the university’s website about the Polytechnic University of Valencia scholarship.

10. University of Barcelona Grant

At number 10, we have the University of Barcelona Grant gives financial help by reducing university fees. This can range from 25% to 100%, depending on your academic achievements. The application period starts every year and ends on June 25th. Remember, it’s better to apply early, especially in the first two weeks of the application period, to increase your chances.

11. MIT Zaragoza Scholarship Program 2024

The next is the MIT Zaragoza Scholarship Program 2024. The Scholarship Amount is Up to 50% reduction in tuition fees. The only Eligible Degree is a Master’s Degree. This is a partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza to offer scholarships to Africans.

To be eligible, you need to show that you are good at what you study or have relevant work experience. You also need to prove you can speak English well and give your GRE/GMAT scores to show you can handle the program, which is taught in English. Each year, a few students get the chance to join this respected program thanks to the scholarship from MIT and the University of Zaragoza.

12. Comillas Pontifical University’s Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Scholarship

At Comillas Pontifical University, you have a scholarship waiting for you here in Spain if you are an African. The scholarship amount is a Partial tuition fee payment and stipend. The only eligible Degree is a Ph.D. Programs.

Comillas Pontifical University, a well-known private Catholic university in Madrid, Spain, has a scholarship for its Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Ph.D. program for international students. This scholarship gives a stipend and pays for about 90% of your tuition fees. If you get this scholarship, you’ll have the chance to work with excellent research teams and maybe even get published in academic journals.

African students applying for this scholarship in Spain must have a relevant master’s degree and good grades. You also need to be good at English. You’ll need to submit a research proposal and other documents to apply. While the scholarship can be renewed after a year, it’s mainly for new students who want to study in Spain or at this specific university.

13. IMDEA Networks Institute Scholarship 2024

If you are looking for a Spanish Scholarship that Covers full tuition fees and provides a monthly stipend, then apply for the IMDEA Networks Institute Scholarship in 2024. However, the only Eligible Degree is a Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree. NETCOM Lab is an independent research group in Spain that works with the IMDEA Networks Institute on many research projects involving Ph.D. students. They give grants and scholarships to African students. The organization focuses on getting funding to help their research team, especially those who do really well. There are many scholarships for students connected to the university, and this particular scholarship for Spain is known for being flexible and focused on Ph.D. degrees. If you perform well in your academics, you can retain this scholarship for more than one year.

14. EADA Business School – EADA Scholarships

At number 14, we have EADA Business School scholarships in Spain for African students.  The Scholarship Amount is a 25-50% reduction in tuition fees while the Eligible Degree is Graduate Studies. EADA Business School in Barcelona started in 1984, is a private school offering MBA and graduate programs. EADA scholarships are for international students who do really well in their studies. If you get one, you’ll need to work on a project.

To apply, go to the official EADA Business School website and pick the program you want. Each program has a scholarship section where you can start your application. Usually, you must send in letters for admission, introduction, and recommendation, as well as your enrollment papers.

15. UIC Barcelona – International Excellence Scholarships

At number 15, we have a scholarship that covers 20% of your Tuition fee. You are only eligible as an Undergraduate. The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona offers international excellence scholarships to exceptionally talented students from around the world who have shown great academic success. Every year, a few international students are chosen for this scholarship.

You need to meet the university’s academic standards. For international students interested in applying, all applications have to be done online. You’ll need to upload the necessary documents through the admissions portal. This scholarship can be renewed as long as you keep up your grades and get at least a 7 during your time at the university.

16. University of Granada Scholarship 2024

Besides scholarships from the Spanish government, the University of Granada has its own scholarship program. This is for people who want to study further at the university. When giving out these scholarships, they look at both your grades and your financial situation.

17. University of Alicante Santander Progress Scholarship

So, the next scholarship is offered by the University of Alicante. The Scholarship Amount is €1,000 and Eligible Degrees are Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. The University of Alicante Santander is a public university in San Vicente del Raspeig with campuses in major cities across Spain. The university’s scholarships are funded by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. 6 deserving students will receive a scholarship of €1,000 based on merit. This financial help can be extended beyond one year if the students show they can keep doing well in their studies.

18. UPF Community Study Scholarship

The UPF Community Study scholarship offers both Full or partial coverage of tuition fees and expenses. The eligible Degrees are Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. The UPF Community Study Grant Program is there to help students who are really struggling with money. This scholarship can pay for all or part of the registration and tuition fees, as well as living costs. It’s for international students who want to study at a well-known school. The scholarship is given once per student, but in some cases, it can be extended to a second year. These programs cover many different courses that are designed to prepare African students with the skills and knowledge they need for work.

19. Scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of Spain

The Spanish government, through its Ministry of Education, offers scholarships in Spain for African students for undergraduate and master’s degrees at any Spanish university. These scholarships can be a set amount or change in value, going up to €1,500 or covering all of the tuition fees. To get one of these scholarships, you need good grades and they also consider your family’s financial situation when deciding who gets them.


So, guys, these are all the active scholarships in Spain for African students in 2024. Just make sure to pick one scholarship that you qualify for and begin your application scholarship. Basically, just apply for as many scholarships as possible. While you apply, you can also do more research on the specific scholarship as well as get to know what universities recognize them, though universities accept any scholarship, as long as they are given the money, whether it’s a partial or fully funded amount.

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