Scholarship in China for Nigerian Students

It’s 2024, and China is one of the top study destinations in the world right now. So, as a Nigerian student, thinking about studying in China, you are really on the right path. However, while China is not an expensive place for education, not everyone can afford the fees. Fortunately, you can apply for a scholarship in China for Nigerian students and study for free.

Scholarship in China for Nigerian Students 2024

Here, we will talk about the various scholarships open to Nigerian international students who want to study in China. These include scholarships offered by the Chinese Government, universities in China, and many non-governmental bodies. Currently, China has 133 universities featured in the QS World University ranking in 2024. This goes to show how much quality there is in China’s university education. That said, here is the best scholarship in China for Nigerian students.

1. Schwarzman Scholars Program

Let’s start with the Schwarzman Scholars Program, this scholarship is available in China for Nigerian students as it is meant for international students who want to pursue a master’s degree in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The program is taught in English and focuses on areas like public policy, economics, business, and international studies.

This scholarship includes tuition fees, accommodation, travel costs to and from Beijing at the start and end of the academic year, essential course books, a personal expense allowance of US$4,000, and health insurance. Applicants should be between 18 and 28 years old, have strong English language skills, and hold an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.

2. Zhengzhou University President Scholarships

International postgraduate students who are interested in pursuing a full-time master’s or PhD degree at Zhengzhou University are eligible for the Zhengzhou University scholarships. For master’s students, the scholarship may cover either full or partial tuition fees, whereas PhD students can receive full coverage of both tuition and accommodation.

To apply, you need to fill out an online application form and submit an essay of 800 words for master’s courses or a 2,000-word research proposal for PhD programs.

3. Zhejiang Scholarships

The third scholarship in China for Nigerian students is the Zhejiang scholarships. This one is offered to Nigerian students looking for a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science at the Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh (ZJE) Institute. International students accepted into the BSc Integrative Biomedical Sciences or BSc Biomedical Informatics programs at ZJE can apply.

The scholarship in China includes full or partial tuition fee coverage, accommodation expenses, international student medical insurance, and a living allowance of up to ¥17,000 per year (approximately US$2,438).

4. Hubei Provincial Scholarships

Let’s begin with the scholarship coverage:

  • Undergraduates: ¥5,000/year
  • Master’s Students: ¥15,000/year
  • Doctoral Students: ¥20,000/year

Now, this is a w good one. The Hubei scholarship is open to students who are looking to pursue undergraduate, PhD, or master’s degrees in any field available at the universities participating in the Hubei Provincial scholarship program. It’s an excellent opportunity for those interested in studying in the Hubei region.

For this scholarship, you will need recommendation letters, a study or research plan, a scanned copy of your passport data page, a notarized photocopy of your highest diploma certificate and academic transcripts, and the Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship application form.

5. Beijing Government Scholarship

I picked this scholarship while in Beijing. Though I didn’t apply for it as I had no need to, I feel you should since you want to study in China. Like that of Hubei, this one is also government funded. This scholarship is offered by the Beijing Municipal Government, this scholarship supports international students who want to study at universities in Beijing. It covers all or part of the tuition fees for both undergraduate and master’s degree students.

6. British Council China Scholarship

As you may already know, different countries have this relationship amongst them, and that includes the UK and China. Now, the British Council in China offers 7 scholarships specifically for UK students who are currently enrolled at a UK institution and are interested in pursuing their studies at a Chinese university within the People’s Republic of China. If you are a Nigerian who just left the UK University, this one is for you. These scholarships cover tuition fees, and accommodation, and provide a monthly living allowance. You just have to apply for the specific ones you qualify for.

7. Confucius Institute Scholarship

The Confucius Institute headquarters provides seven different scholarship types for international students aged 16 to 35 who are keen on studying at a university in China. These scholarships are suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. They cover tuition fees, and accommodation costs, and also include a monthly living allowance as well as comprehensive medical insurance.

8. China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarships

China Scholarship Council also offers a scholarship in China for Nigerian students. In fact, they offer more than one scholarship open to all international students who are interested in studying in China. China Scholarship Council requires you to complete an online application and select from one of the 243 Chinese universities participating in the CSC scholarship program.

9. Jiangsu Government Scholarship

Created by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, this Chinese scholarship encourages international students, including those from Nigeria, to study in Jiangsu. It provides complete funding for tuition, registration, lab experiments, internships, accommodation, medical insurance, and essential textbooks.

Chinese Universities do not face any difficulties in verifying student applications from Nigeria. So, yes, you can apply for any of the scholarship opportunities and you will be accepted into the respective universities.

20 Universities in China That Accept Nigerian Students

Besides the scholarships mentioned earlier, Nigerian students can consider this list of Chinese universities and their websites, which are ready to welcome them:

  1. Peking University School of Transnational Law (
  2. Zhejiang University of Science & Technology (
  3. Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University: programs (
  4. The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (
  5. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (
  6. Tianjin Normal University (
  7. Tianjin University (
  8. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: programs (
  9. South China University of Technology (
  10. Shenyang Urban Construction University (
  11. Shenyang University (
  12. Shandong University (
  13. Ningxia Medical University (
  14. Nankai University: programs (
  15. Chongqing Medical University (
  16. Chongqing University (
  17. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (
  18. China Pharmaceutical University (
  19. China Medical University (
  20. Central South University (

Conclusion – Scholarship in China for Nigerian Students

As a Nigerian student, make sure to apply for scholarships to study in China. You can even become a permanent resident if you want to. Many Nigerian students, among the over 7,000 studying in China, have successfully obtained scholarships. Just make sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

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