Easiest Country to Get Student Visa from Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and planning to study overseas, you know you need a country with an easy student visa process. This way, you won’t face delays during your undergraduate, master’s, or PhD journey. I understand this challenge well, and this article is here to let you know the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria.

Easiest Country to Get Student Visa from Nigeria

Generally, some of your most preferred countries can be difficult to get student visa. But there are still many top countries out there willing to grant your student visa request as soon as possible. That said, below is the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria.

1. Germany

Germany is a great choice for Nigerian students who need the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria. You need to show financial stability, typically through a blocked account with a certain amount of funds. German universities are highly popular among Nigerians for their quality education. Once you have financial proof and admission to a college, Germany becomes a welcoming option.

2. Finland

You can also easily obtain a student visa if you study in Finland. Finland is generally a great destination when you are looking at alternatives. This country is also known for its student-friendly visa policies and welcoming environment for international students.

Finland also welcomes you to a vibrant cultural mix and a community that values mutual care. The visa process is easy, and even if you don’t speak Finnish initially, you’ll find job opportunities and may even enjoy learning the language.

3. Norway

Instead of the UK or USA, try Norway, especially the small town near Bergen called Norhemisun. This is where I spent a year. The people are exceptionally friendly, and I made many friends in Oslo. Norwegian communities are welcoming by nature, and as a student, you will find it relatively easy to obtain a visa from Nigeria. There are also various opportunities for students.

4. Australia

You also have Australia, which I often refer to as an untapped student visa destination. It is easily the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria. I also noticed that Australia is a highly favored destination for Nigerian students among the members of Nairaland.

Australia is generally known for its top-tier universities and world-class facilities, Australia’s cultural diversity makes it a comfortable place for Nigerians, without fear of stigmatization.

5. United Kingdom

You are probably also aware of the popular term ‘japa’. Whenever you hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is migrating to the UK. Normally, it’s supposed to mean ‘migration’ on its own. But due to how easy it is to get the UK student visa, and easily migrate to the UK, many people have associated this term with the UK migration from Nigeria.

The United Kingdom is a preferred choice for many Nigerians. In fact, the UK is the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria. The reason I didn’t keep it top of the list is that so many Nigerians have migrated here of recent, which is forcing the UK government to come up with more stringent policies to reduce the number of applicants.

It’s almost like a second home for Nigerians studying abroad. The UK offers various programs that integrate international students into their economy, making it easier for Nigerians to obtain student visas. UK universities are renowned globally, and the country offers flexible options for part-time work or even permanent residency post-study.

6. Canada

Canada is well-known among Nigerians for its welcoming approach to international student visas. In Canada, you can even study and work at the same time as long as you apply for the right documents that allow you to do so.

Canada is an accessible country for Nigerian students to apply for and receive their visas. The appeal of Canada extends beyond the easy visa process. Language compatibility is a key factor, as in some Canadian universities, students may not even need English language certificates for admission. So, yes, Canada is also the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria.

7. Ireland

You can always consider Ireland. Ireland is another country that Nigerians find favorable for obtaining student visas. Recently, Ireland’s economy has been flourishing, yet this destination remains less known among Nigerians, which is seen as a positive aspect of maintaining its quality. According to feedback from Nigerian students in Ireland, the country is known for its composed and diligent population, particularly in academic circles.

The process for applying for a student visa to Ireland can be done online. Applicants need to have an acceptance letter from a university program. Post-graduation, there are opportunities to stay in Ireland and explore various job options. Students also have the flexibility to work part-time during their studies.

Just before I move to the conclusion section, I like to mention that Spain is another destination that will easily give a Nigerian a student visa. The only problem with Spain is that you need to learn to speak Spanish. No, you don’t have to be perfect with the language.


So, there you go with the top easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria. Even though things have been controversial recently, the UK is the easiest and the best when you consider language compatibility and Nigeria’s tie with the country.

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