6+ Universities Abroad That Accept NECO Result

Many universities in the US and UK accept the NECO (National Examination Council) results for undergraduate admission from Nigerian students. Even if their websites may not mention NECO, a large number of these schools do consider NECO as well. This means that whether NECO is accepted depends on the university you’re interested in. So, in this post, I will show you the top universities abroad that accept NECO results for admission.

What I normally do is that I reach out to the admins of the university’s website, and ask about NECO acceptance. A lot of them do, as long as your grade is decent and okay for your preferred course of study.

List of Universities Abroad That Accept NECO Result

While this list covers colleges and universities abroad that accept NECO results, remember there are more options you might explore. For starters, check out these universities abroad that accept NECO:

1. Plymouth University

An accessible admission criteria, offered by Plymouth University, includes students who want to study abroad using their NECO scores. To meet the English language requirements for both undergraduate and graduate programs, you need a minimum NECO score of C6 in English. If your NECO scores aren’t sufficient, you can use WAEC scores as an alternative.

You can also alternatively fulfill the English language requirements by taking a pre-sessional English course at Plymouth. For courses at RQF 6 (degree level) or higher, you may need more than just a NECO grade.

2. Brandon University

A distinguished Canadian university, Brandon University, is one of the universities abroad that accept NECO results from Nigerian students. It’s a global institution that welcomes students from over 30 countries, including Nigeria. For admission, you need to pass 5 subjects, including English and Mathematics, with at least two at an advanced level.

Also, English proficiency needs to be proven, either through TOEFL scores sent electronically or test results in a sealed envelope signed by examination officials.

3. University of Kent

The University of Kent, formerly known as the University of Kent at Canterbury, hosts over 20,000 students and stands as one of the UK’s largest universities. It’s recognized for excellent research facilities, state-of-the-art libraries, and outstanding career guidance for its students.

Regarding admissions, the University of Kent considers NECO scores but also has additional requirements. You must have a minimum grade of C in at least five subjects, including English. If you’re aiming for programs with higher grade requirements, you might consider taking foundation programs to bridge the gap.

4. Sheffield University

I also found that Sheffield University is one of the universities abroad that accept NECO. This is a leading research university in the UK and a member of the prestigious Russell Group. They have so far been awarded 5 Nobel prizes. They accept NECO results under specific conditions:

  • A grade C in English.
  • NECO scores not older than 5 years.
  • In some cases, NECO results can waive the need for IELTS.

If no other proof of English proficiency is available, an official letter from a previous employer about English fluency, including start date and language use, is acceptable.

5. Manchester University

Manchester University is a well-known UK university that also accepts NECO results. It has over 40,250 students, with more than 9,000 of them being international students.

To qualify for admission, you need to have a B2 Grade overall in NECO in five subjects, which must include Mathematics and Physics. Besides these, you should also pass other necessary subjects with a grade of at least C4, including English.

6. University of Manitoba

You can also apply with NECO at the University of Manitoba (U of M), Canada. This is a public research university with several campuses across the city. However, the main campus of U of M is located in the Fort Garry district, south of Winnipeg. This university was the first established in Western Canada.

Fortunately, the University of Manitoba is open to Nigerian students who want to study abroad. Of course, you can also work in Canada after studying.

Other Universities Abroad That Accept NECO

So, I cannot continue writing on these universities so as not to bore you out. Instead, let’s just list out other universities abroad that accept NECO results:

  1. Winnipeg University (Canada)
  2. University of Toronto (Canada)
  3. Kansas State University
  4. Houston University
  5. University of Trent

Is NECO Accepted Internationally?

NECO is primarily a Nigerian exam board that conducts tests like the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) for final-year secondary school students. While NECO results are largely recognized in Nigerian and some African institutions, it is also recognized and accepted internationally by some schools. What I often recommend is for you to check with your specific university abroad to confirm whether they accept NECO results.

Can NECO Results Be Used for Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad with NECO results is very possible, but their acceptance is limited as NECO is primarily recognized in Nigeria and some African nations. If your desired school abroad lists NECO as an acceptable qualification, you can apply. However, it’s beneficial to also have internationally recognized qualifications like the IGCSE, GCE, or TOEFL/IELTS, as NECO alone may not be sufficient.

Is NECO Accepted for Study in the USA?

Yes, NECO is accepted by some universities in the US. NECO results for study in the USA is possible if your preferred university recognizes it. However, not all American universities are familiar with NECO, so research and direct inquiries are crucial. Some American universities do consider NECO as part of their admission process but also expect additional requirements like TOEFL/IELTS for English proficiency, SAT/ACT for admission tests, and a personal statement.

Are NECO Results Accepted in the UK?

UK schools do recognize NECO results in some cases. It’s important to confirm NECO’s acceptance at your chosen UK university. While NECO can be part of the admission requirements, enhancing your application with additional qualifications like TOEFL/IELTS for language proficiency can improve your chances of acceptance. Often, however, UK schools prefer WAEC.

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