How to Join Ajax Youth Academy

Ajax’s youth academy is famous worldwide for turning young, talented players into top-level footballers. The journey through the academy is tough, and only the most extraordinary talents reach the top. In this post, we will talk about how to join Ajax Youth Academy and explain how this football academy recruits young players in the first place. This academy has produced international stars like Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten, Frank Rijkaard, Wim Kieft, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Kluivert. In this article, you’ll learn how to join Ajax Youth Academy.

How to Join Ajax Youth Academy

Ajax’s youth academy doesn’t accept direct applications from individuals. They invite players after a thorough scouting process. Sending applications by mail or email won’t work for joining Ajax Football Academy.

At Ajax, training elite footballers is a priority. So, when you join Ajax Youth Academy, you are joining a top place in Dutch football. As players move forward, the competition gets harder, and the dream of playing in the Amsterdam Arena becomes more challenging. Each year, only a few make it to the first team.

Ajax really values the players from its own youth academy. The young teams train just like the first team, getting used to Ajax’s way of playing.

The club focuses a lot on their playing style (4-3-3), training methods, behavior, and club rules. Ajax aims for a play style that’s recognizable and attractive, with a focus on being offensive, creative, quick, fair, and playing mostly in the opponent’s half.

Ajax has created the TIPS model, which stands for Technique, Insight, Personality, and Speed. There are ten criteria for each aspect. P and S are natural traits, while I and T are developed through training. Players have an Ajax passport that keeps track of all their achievements.

What is A1 (Ajax Junior)?

The Ajax Juniors, or the A1, are the last step in Ajax’s youth development program.

Being part of the A1 means you are among the talented players who have won many national titles and who could become some of the world’s greatest footballers, like Johan Cruijff, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Kluivert.

What is Ajax 2 (A2)?

Ajax 2, or Young Ajax, is a key part of the journey for young players aiming to be part of Ajax’s first team. It acts as a way for new young foreign players to adapt to Ajax’s playing style. For others, it’s closing the gap between the junior team and the first team.

How Does Ajax Coach Its Youth Academy?

The Ajax Youth Academy is known for spotting and nurturing talent, and it’s committed to helping you achieve your full potential. Usually, the Ajax Coaching Academy shares the Ajax philosophy with clubs, coaches, and players worldwide who are interested in the Ajax Youth Academy.

The aim is to create chances for talented aspiring footballers to excel and realize their full potential. This academy works with clubs that share our values and vision, offering tailor-made programs to suit their specific needs. You can find more about the Ajax Youth Academy at club youth academy/.


So, the only way to 1join Ajax Youth Academy is if they invite you after a thorough scouting process. No, they do not openly register players into this academy. Your best bet is to feature in open competitions where Ajax scouts will be present. If you play well, they might just spot you and invite you to the academy to begin your career.

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