Scholarships for Female Students in Ghana

As a female, you are 100% being recognized in Ghana. One such form is through scholarships. So, if you are looking for a way to fund your scholarship, you want to apply for the scholarships for female students in Ghana that I have handpicked for this post.

Scholarships for female students in Ghana are an excellent initiative to foster gender equality in education and empower young women to achieve their academic aspirations. These scholarships provide financial support covering tuition, living expenses, and other educational costs. Moreover, these programs offer women opportunities to learn from mentors, develop leadership skills, and acquire experiences and skills beneficial for their future careers.

Scholarships for Female Students in Ghana

Recently in Ghana, there’s been a rise in scholarships specifically for female students. This increase comes as more organizations and individuals recognize the importance of supporting women’s education. In the past, cultural barriers and financial constraints made it challenging for Ghanaian women to pursue education. However, the narrative is changing. Ghana is now offering scholarships exclusively for African female students. Below, we will discuss these scholarships for female students in Ghana:

1. Intel She Will Connect Program

Female students in Ghana who are interested in technology or engineering fields should consider the Intel She Will Connect Program. This program offers scholarships for female students in Ghana in tech fields. This program aims to link women and girls in Ghana with economic and social opportunities through digital literacy training, an online peer network, and more. It initially started in sub-Saharan Africa to address the significant internet gender gap.

2. National Council for Women and Development (NCWD)

In Ghana, the National Council for Women and Development (NCWD) provides scholarships to female students. The NCWD scholarships for female students in Ghana’s primary objective is to support women in their educational pursuits by offering financial assistance to cover educational expenses.

3. CyberGirls Fellowship Program for Young Female Africans

The CyberGirls Fellowship Program is designed for female students in Ghana, providing them with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills. This program is not just about learning; it’s a gateway to job opportunities both in Africa and internationally. Its main goals are to combat poverty, cybercrime, the shortage of cybersecurity skills, unemployment, and the gender gap in the tech industry, especially in cybersecurity.

In this one-year fellowship, participants will explore the fundamentals of computing and cybersecurity, along with various career paths within the field. Once a career path is chosen, the program guides them through a comprehensive learning journey.

This includes gaining practical skills, mentorship, preparation for certification, opportunities for paid internships and job shadowing, and for those who are eligible, placement in entry-level positions.

4. Ghana Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Low-income female students from across Africa, including Ghana, are provided with full scholarships from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, to attend college. This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for Ghanaian female students to pursue higher education without the financial burden.

5. African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Scholarship

One of the renowned institutions in Ghana for supporting women is the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Scholarship. It’s designed for Ghanaian female students aspiring to work in agricultural research and development, providing financial aid for their education. If you’re interested, start your application process with AWARD.

6. West Africa GBV Reporting Fellowship for African Women Journalists

Supported by the International Center for Journalists and the Ford Foundation West Africa, this fellowship focuses on African women in journalism. It invites journalists from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other countries to deepen their understanding of gender-based violence and exploitation, equipping them with the necessary tools to report on gender-related issues. The first phase of the AWJP aims to recruit 60 women journalists interested in exploring violence against women in their countries.

7. Ghana Women in Technology Scholarship

Another prominent name that offers scholarships for female students in Ghana is the Ghana Women in Technology Scholarship. It targets women pursuing careers in technology, offering financial assistance for their education. Women demonstrating strong dedication to their studies and potential in their chosen technology field are encouraged to apply for scholarships through the International University of Applied Sciences or the WAAW Foundation.

8. Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund)

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) also offers scholarships specifically for female students in Ghana. You can find more information and apply immediately.

9. Women in Science Scholarship

Female students in Ghana who are interested in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) should consider applying for the Women in Science Scholarship. This is one of the scholarships for female students in Ghana that, apart from providing financial support for education, also offers mentorship and networking opportunities to help women advance in their STEM careers.

10. MIASA Female Academic Careers in Africa Workshop

The Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA), consisting of the University of Ghana (UG) and four German partners (the University of Freiburg, Goethe University Frankfurt, the German Institute for Global and Area Studies, and the GHIP), is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and supported by UG. Located at UG’s Legon Campus, this workshop offers a platform for discussing challenges and opportunities for African women in academia. It includes participants from Ghana and other African countries, guided by professional coaches through:

  1. modules on team-building
  2. navigating university hierarchies
  3. conflict resolution at work
  4. managing academic careers amid time constraints.

11. MfWA Digital Literacy and Skills Training Workshop for Women 2024

A training workshop, aimed at enhancing women’s digital literacy and skills for professional and personal use is conducted by The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA). This initiative is part of the MFWA’s project “Enhancing Press Freedom, Women’s Digital Rights, and Accountable Governance in Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone,” funded by the Dutch Foreign Ministry through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana.

12. MILEAD Fellows Program for Young African Women 2024

The MILEAD Fellows Program is a transformative leadership development initiative aiming to identify, train, and empower a new generation of young African female leaders. This program focuses on instilling exceptional leadership skills in dynamic young women to address issues affecting women and girls across Africa. Ghanaian female students in the MILEAD Program gain essential knowledge, skills, values, and support to excel as 21st-century women leaders. Young African women aged 19 to 25, residing in Africa or the Diaspora, are eligible to apply.

13. UNESCO L’Oreal Fellowship Program

Women scientists get support from The UNESCO L’Oreal Fellowship Program, as they are offered career and research opportunities, thereby advancing gender equality in science and promoting female participation in science and innovation. The fellowships provide funding for research, travel, and other expenses, and offer opportunities for fellows to present their research at international conferences, along with mentorship and networking. Applicants must be women under 35 from any country, pursuing a PhD or postdoctoral degree in science. The selection is highly competitive, focusing on academic excellence, research potential, and the impact of the proposed research project. Information on available scholarships can be accessed for further decision-making.

14. Clooney Foundation Fellowships for Women Lawyers in the Waging Justice for Women Program

In a world where justice systems allow child marriage but punish pregnant students, girls are denied the education they deserve. When governments criminalize actions based on “morality” yet overlook widespread sexual violence, it sends a message that women should be valued based on others’ perceptions. Furthermore, when the legal profession hinders women lawyers from reaching positions of power, it perpetuates and worsens discrimination cycles.

The Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Waging Justice for Women project aims to turn the law into a force for change, not a tool of oppression. By collaborating with grassroots organizations, the project engages in legal empowerment, strategic litigation, and public advocacy to combat injustices against women and girls. Partnering closely with expert organizations, it provides legal and advocacy support to bolster their causes. Opportunities for scholarships are available for those interested in joining this effort.

15. UN Women Multi-Country Office West Africa (MCO-WA) Scholarship

With UN Women MCO-WA scholarships, West African women and girls for studies in STEM, social sciences, humanities, and arts. Eligibility for these scholarships in Ghana requires applicants to:

  • Be a citizen of a West African country residing in Ghana.
  • Be enrolled in a university or college in West Africa.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Show academic promise.

The award covers tuition, housing, books, and other educational expenses, with the amount of scholarships and financial aid varying annually. The UN Women MCO-WA website provides detailed application instructions. Applicants are required to submit personal, academic, and referral information.


Scholarships for female students in Ghana are not just about helping young women achieve their dreams; they also benefit their communities and pave the way for successful careers. To apply, simply fill out the application form on the relevant website. Once you submit it, you’ll get an email from the scholarship organizations letting you know if your application has been accepted. Best of luck with your application.

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