Best NGO for Single Mothers in Nigeria

As a single mother, it can be difficult to take care of the children and yourself at the same time, especially in a country like Nigeria. But you are not alone. There are many philanthropic organizations here that can help you, either through funding your business or awarding scholarships to you or your children. So, in today’s post, we will talk about the best NGO for single mothers in Nigeria that you can go to for help. An NGO is a non-governmental organization. This means that it is not managed by the Nigerian government. However, they can also receive funding from the government and other private individuals to support the cause.

Usually, an NGO will look at your level of need. So, if you are really in need, they will prioritize giving money to you. The focus is usually on those single mothers who really need the money the most. Let’s get in.

Best NGO for single mothers in Nigeria

We are going to talk about 10 NGOs that are willing to give you money. You have to prove that you need the money, and you need valid reasons to convince the organization because there are thousands of other single moms looking for the same help. that said, below is the best NGO for single mothers in Nigeria.

1. Mari-care Foundation

We will start with Mari-care Foundation. This NGO is based in Nigeria. The MARI-CARE FOUNDATION operates independently of political, religious, and ethnic influences. This foundation really focuses on supporting single mothers, vulnerable children, and others. Mari-care Foundation is officially registered with the Nigerian Ministry of Women and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Health, and the Corporate Affairs Commission.

So, if you need financial support, you have to reach out to Mari-care Foundation. They also frequently launch campaigns and support initiatives for small-scale industries, sustainable agricultural projects, and skills acquisition in communities. The goal here is to alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of single mothers.

2. Singularly Me Mother’s Support Initiative

At number 2, we have the Singularly Me Mother’s Support Initiative (SiMMSI). A friend told me about this NGO for single mothers in Nigeria, so I decided to check them out. Singularly Me Mothers Support Initiative. This initiative is a women-led organization in Nigeria that focuses on promoting gender equality. It supports single mothers with microfinance and entrepreneurship opportunities. Yes, they also help to improve Nigerian girl child education at all levels.

SiMMSI’s approach is to be all out to empower single mothers. They have worked within communities and noted an increase in single motherhood. This foundation is willing to support you in so many ways, so make sure to reach out and ask for money.

3. Hope for Family Development Initiative (HFDI)

The third NGO for single mothers in Nigeria is the Hope for Family Development Initiative. This NGO was founded in 2007 and is officially recognized by the state and Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. Its mission is to enhance the lives of single-parent families. HFDI supports single mothers who are dealing with the impacts of divorce, separation, neglect, or the death of a partner. This organization understands that, as a single parent, you face unique challenges and difficulties along with your children. When you reach out to HFDI, you will be provided with empowerment and skills training to help you through the tough conditions in Nigeria. HFDI will also lecture you on how to manage the life of a single mother. This NGO is committed to the comprehensive improvement of single parent families who are in distress. They will help you to restore hope and better your lives.

4. Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF)

At number 4, we have Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF), easily the best NGO for single moms in Nigeria. Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF) is a women-led national non-governmental organization in Nigeria, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It was founded by Josephine Habba in 2003 in Makurdi, Benue State.

Initially, JDF focused on aiding underserved populations in Makurdi, including single mothers and their children, etc. Despite limited resources in the early stages, JDF managed to plan and execute activities that efficiently support the most vulnerable single mothers. JDF has reached over 400,000 underserved people in Nigeria and has established its presence in multiple Nigerian states, including Benue, Borno, Gombe, Kwara, Lagos, Nasarawa, Ondo, Sokoto, Yobe, Zamfara, and Abuja. Its head office is located in Abuja. So, if you are a single mother in any of these states, you can reach out to JDF for money and support.

5. Make Mothers Matter

We also have Make Mothers Matter, an NGO that champions the role of mothers as influential change-makers. Without any political or religious ties, this foundation works to make policymakers and the public aware of the societal, cultural, and economic contributions of single mothers. The organization supports over 40 grassroots groups worldwide. They are always willing to empower and defend mothers and their children. Make Mothers Matter also engages with institutions such as the European Union, UNESCO, and the United Nations, where they have general consultative status.


At number 6, we have AWACIO. The desire of the AWACIO (Aids for Women, Adolescents, and Children International Organization) is to enhance the overall well-being of women. As an NGO for Nigerian single mothers, this organization recognizes the rise of women professionals such as scientists, clinicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, advocates, and health researchers.

AWACIO’s target is to create awareness, education, and training in various areas, including medical knowledge about common health conditions. They are one of the NGOs that look after widows, particularly those in poverty. AWACIO is willing to provide you with education and opportunities, especially for your girl children. If you are really feeling the economic hardship as a single mother, you will need AWACIO aid to get out of these difficulties.

7. The Datai Pledge

In collaboration with NGO partner Sahabat Alam Langkawi, a positive impact has been made on a group of women selected for their basic tailoring skills and creative potential. The goal is to provide single mothers with livelihood opportunities through real-life skills and economic empowerment. The Datai Plegde is willing to offer you free training programs and buy-back deals as part of the initiative.

This particular social group has the belief that significant improvements could be made in your life and social standing through financial and personal empowerment. Do not miss this opportunity. This program is for you, so you can get the help you deserve. The Datai will also expose you to the importance of recycling and repurposing goods for financial profit.

8. Wellbeing Foundation Africa

We will also talk about the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, founded in 2004 by Mrs. Toyin Ojora Saraki. Wellbeing Foundation Africa focuses on improving health outcomes for single mothers, infants, and children. The flagship ‘MamaCare’ classes in Nigeria have involved over 200,000 women. The Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) program is a collaborative effort with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Johnson & Johnson to help single mothers. This training program is conducted in Kwara State, Nigeria. It represents a unique partnership model that will bring together a higher-education institution, the private sector, and a civil society organization to help single mothers in need.

9. Rolan Foundation

Another NGO for single mothers in Nigeria is the Rolan Foundation. This NGO is committed to making a meaningful and significant difference in the lives of single mothers residing in urban, rural, and remote areas of Nigeria. This foundation has engaged in many helpful activities including distributing books and writing materials to public primary schools. They have also been able to provide school uniforms and sandals and renovate classrooms for your children. Your children’s story could change for the better when you get in touch with the Rolan Foundation.

With the Rolan Foundation, you can also learn from various training programs, including digital skills in product design, data analysis, web development, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, digital marketing, and software development. They also bring you free vocational training such as shoe and bag making, hairstyling, fashion designing, and photography. The elderly single mothers will receive food through food banks as well as free medication.

10. Single Mothers in Need

If you are a single mother struggling to raise your children, you can get assistance from Single Mothers in Need (SMIN). This establishment was driven by the increasing number of single mothers in Nigeria who face poverty, discrimination, and other adversities. SMIN provides many services that help single mothers overcome their difficulties and improve both their lives and those of their children. Make sure you reach out to SMIN to help you in Nigeria and ensure a brighter future for your children.


So, we have looked at the best NGO in Nigeria that you can get in touch with for financial assistance. These NGOs are willing to help you get back on your feet. Here, you can learn new skills that will help you take care of yourself and your children in Nigeria. Make sure to reach out to multiple NGOs at the same time.

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