Top NGO for Widows in Nigeria

The place of widowhood isn’t one that any Nigerian woman wishes to be in. However, these things happen, and we sometimes have no control over them. But, as a widow, you are not alone. The realities in Nigeria may not be the best experience, but there are organizations here willing to help you out through all difficulties. In this article, we will be talking about the best NGO for widows in Nigeria. NGOs are non-governmental organizations, so their funding is not directly from the government. However, sometimes they solicit funds from the government, businesses, and private individuals to assist the cause.

NGO for Widows in Nigeria

We are going to look at 14 NGOs that are looking for you to help you right now. All you have to do at the end of this article is reach out. So, let’s get started with the best NGO you can reach out to.

1. Advocacy for Widows Empowerment Foundation

AdWEF is part of Nigeria’s network of NGOs started in 2012 by Willie Workman Oga. It helps widows in Nigeria with support and empowerment. It began in a small office in Ikeja, Lagos, with 5 members and now has 3,000 members across 8 states.

Willie Workman Oga, the son of a widow and a Nollywood artist, director, and producer, shared his passion for helping the less privileged. AdWEF, in its 5 years, has started farming projects and a widows’ farmers’ cooperative.

AdWEF responds to widows’ needs, helping them avoid poverty and lack of support. It advocates for their rights and offers legal support. It funds training for 200 widows yearly, partners with banks for loans for widows’ businesses, tracks their progress, and connects them with mentors.

2. The Rose of Sharon Foundation

At number 2, we have the Rose of Sharon Foundation (RoSF) established following a divine revelation received by its Founder, guided by the verse James 1:27 from the New King James Version of the Bible. This NGO for widows in Nigeria is dedicated to improving the lives of widows and orphans. RoSF has positively impacted the lives of over 4,262 widows through vocational skills training, awarded scholarships to 1,971 children of widows, and supported 322 orphans. The loans provided to widows are interest-free, and the scholarships are granted without conditions. This Foundation even secured housing and business premises for 73 people, comprising 61 widows and 12 orphans.

3. Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)

We also the Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE) as the best NGO for widows in Nigeria. The core ideology of this foundation is to surpass global standards of excellence in all activities, improve the lives of vulnerable individuals, etc. Many widows have been impacted positively by WEWE, so make sure to reach out to them for assistance.

4. HEART for Widows International

Next, we will talk about HEART for Widows International. This NGO for widows in Nigeria is setting up centers, shops, and production environments for widows. HEART operates under the name Heart Care for Widows Welfare Initiative. The official opening of the office and training center in Akure, Nigeria, was on November 2, 2017. The widows of this program are trained in making bags, traditional clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics. The organization managed to acquire a generator for power supply and two sewing machines for training purposes.

5. Global Fund for Widows

The main aim of the Global Fund for Widows is to assist widows become financially stable and self-reliant. You can contact Global Fund for Widows for help. The founder of the Global Fund for Widows, Heather Ibrahim-Leathers, turned to philanthropy after her grandmother, Eugine Awadalla, passed away in 2008. Her grandmother was widowed in her mid-30s with four young children in Alexandria, Egypt. Ms. Ibrahim-Leathers realized that her grandmother’s widowhood triggered a cycle of poverty that continued through generations, and so decided to start this initiative to help widows in Nigeria.

6. Nagari Foundation

With the Nagari Foundation, one of the best NGOs for widows, humanitarian services are provided to the less privileged, including widows. Nagari Foundation is committed to improving the lives of widows using every available opportunity to support them. They strive to provide access to essential services such as basic education, healthcare, adequate nutrition, food security, etc.

7. Loomba Foundation

We also have the Loomba Foundation whose deep research into widowhood has inspired them to start this foundation to help the needy. According to this foundation, there are 258 million widows worldwide with 585 million children. 38 million of these widows live in extreme poverty. In Nigeria, especially northeast Nigeria, widows need all the help they can get, and this foundation is prepared to be that NGO for widows in Nigeria for your sake.


At number 8, we have WACOL, which was established in 1997. WACOL is an NGO registered in 2000 as a company limited by guarantee, meaning it is a charitable organization (RC: 388132) with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. Its mission is to contribute to the educational, social, economic, and political development of women and young people. This foundation offers training, research, advocacy, shelter, free legal and financial aid, intra-familial/community conflict resolution, and information and library services to those in need. The mission of this WACOL is to assist in the educational, social, economic, and political development of women. So, reach out today and get all the help you deserve.

9. Widoph Foundation

We also have the WIDOPH (Widows and Orphans) Foundation, a non-governmental organization that’s really dedicated to helping widows and orphans. This foundation focuses on providing assistance to widows and orphans, including food aid, skills training programs, and housing support. The belief at WIDOPH is that everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish.

Widoph understands that widowhood often leads to children’s education being suspended. As a result, this foundation is calling on you to reach out to them to obtain money for school-related expenses such as uniforms and supplies due to financial limitations. Your children can’t leave school to help you earn a living. So, get in touch as soon as possible.

10. Mgborie Orphanage and Widows Foundation

Mgborie Orphanage and Widows Foundation operates an orphanage and a widows empowerment program. So, yes, this foundation is available for you to ask for money. Here, you will be provided with food, clothing, and skills training in different fields such as tailoring, computer skills, food processing, soap making, and photography. Mgborie Orphanage and Widows Foundation was established in 2011 to look into the needs of widows and help them as best as possible.

11. Widows Empowerment Trust

Another NGO for widows in Nigeria that I want you to ask for money is the Widows Empowerment Trust. This trust was established in January 2017. They have deep empathy for widows and are willing to empower widows, promote social inclusion, and support them through grief. This Trust operates on the principle that love and empathy can unite people. As an NGO and non-profit organization, The Widows Empowerment Trust welcomes widows from all backgrounds to reach out for help.

12. Women Development International Association (WODIA)

The 12th NGO for widows in Nigeria we are going to look at is the Women Development International Association (WODIA). This non-governmental organization was registered in Nigeria in 2007. It has a goal to improve the status of women, especially widows. This organization makes sure that widows have access to services without financial, cultural, geographical, or other barriers. I also found that WODIA is committed to defending human rights. So, if anyone has violated your rights, you can reach out to WODIA. Of course, apart from the legal aspect, WODIA is also willing to provide you with funding to take care of yourself.

13. Widow Development Organization (WiDO)

The next NGO you really should ask for money is Widow Development Organization. WiDO is based in Enugu and was officially registered as an NGO in 1996. This organization became associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information in July 2010. WiDO offers support to widows whose rights have been violated.

It’s not just money, WiDO also helps through educational support programs for children of widows. Once in a while, they establish counseling and support centers for widows. They are also always actively sourcing funds and mobilizing resources for the organization to assist you. So, yes, WiDO cares. It’s really up to you to reach out now and get the funds.

14. Great Trinitas International Charity Foundation

The final NGO for widows we are going to discuss is the Great Trinitas International Charity Foundation. This foundation can help you, and they are even looking for widows who need financial assistance. Great Trinitas International Charity Foundation is commonly known as Trinitas Foundation. The main mission is to offer educational support, and sustainable economic empowerment, provide food relief, and support growing African businesses.

This NGO has a Nigerian origin. It was established by Ade George in 2017 to meet the most critical needs of widows and others in Africa. So, right now, you should already be on the Trinitas Foundation applying for money to cater to your needs.


We have been able to look at 14 NGOs that will give you money as a widow. Sometimes, they may require some proof that you are indeed a widow in Nigeria. Also, you must prove to them that you are really in need. All these NGOs offer support based on need, so they seriously review those they are supporting to make sure they are only helping women and children who need the money the most.

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