Free Laptop for Students in Nigeria

As a student in Nigeria, you need a laptop for many reasons, including for your studies and to make some money on the side. However, laptops can be expensive, but in this article today, I am going to show you how to get a free laptop for students in Nigeria. You can then use your laptop for anything at all. These methods will show you how to get the PC for free, so you do not have to budget any money. I have also included methods such as discounts and refurbished PCs which will allow you to get a laptop at a very cheap rate. Let’s get in.

Free Laptops for Students in Nigeria

There are many methods you can get a PC right now. We are going to talk about 10 methods that quickly give laptops to students.

1. Laptop Scholarships

The first method is for you to apply for a laptop scholarship and get a free laptop for students in Nigeria. The purpose of giving free laptops to students in Nigeria is to equip them with the necessary tools for academic success and future preparation. Laptop scholarship programs have different eligibility and types of laptops provided. Some are for low-income students, while others are available to all students who really need money to excel academically. Generally, the laptops distributed through these programs are basic models suitable for educational purposes and schoolwork. Laptop scholarships are the best way to support you as a Nigerian student in getting a quality education and succeeding in the future. We are going to look at 5 laptop scholarships in Nigeria that can actually give you a free laptop.

The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative

The aim of this scholarship program is to provide young African students with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st-century business world. Eligible students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields can receive laptops and other resources through this initiative.

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

This scholarship focuses on assisting women in Nigeria and other African countries in starting or growing their tech businesses. The program provides laptops and other tools to eligible women entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

Lenovo Scholar Network

The Lenovo scholarship program offers free laptops to students in Nigeria and other African countries. It will help you to acquire the skills needed for success in the technology sector. Eligible students pursuing STEM degrees can receive laptops, training, and additional resources.

MTN Foundation Scholarship

If you are a young Nigerian aspiring to work in the technology sector, you can use this scholarship supported through the MTN Foundation Scholarship. Nigerian students pursuing degrees in STEM fields and meeting the program’s criteria receive laptops, training, and additional resources.

Google Code-in Competition

This competition is open to Nigerian students interested in computer science and technology. Participants are required to complete various tasks related to open-source development, and the top performers are awarded laptops and other prizes.

2. Libraries and Cybercafes

Several libraries have set up computer labs with computers and high-speed internet for students to use for research, projects, and other school work. Cyber cafes also provide a flexible and accessible way for students to use technology and the internet outside of school. Recently, the Nigerian government has started initiatives to give free laptops to students in libraries to help in learning and reduce the technology gap.

3. Refurbished Laptops

At number 3, we have refurbished laptops as a cheap alternative to new ones. Refurbished laptops are previously used computers that have been repaired to work like new ones again. This is a good option for you to save money if you don’t want to buy a brand-new laptop. Most refurbished laptops come with a warranty, making them a more secure option for those concerned about the reliability of a used device. Places you can buy refurbished laptops include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Jumia Renewed Laptops
  3. Jiji

4. Donations from People or Companies

The fourth way to get a free laptop for students in Nigeria is through getting donations from people or companies. Many Nigerian students can’t afford laptops on their own due to financial constraints. When people or businesses donate laptops, it makes a significant difference. These laptops can be given directly to students or to schools, which then distribute them to students in need.

5. Government Initiatives

The Nigerian government has many programs with several steps to enhance the country’s educational system, including providing free laptops to students. The government believes that distributing laptops will help bridge the digital divide and equip students with the tools needed for success in the 21st century.

The rollout of free laptops for students in Nigeria has been conducted in phases, starting with high school students, who are considered most in need of technology. These laptops come pre-loaded with learning software and other tools to assist students in their studies. Feedback from students, teachers, and parents has been positive. So, yes, the free laptops really help to learn and increase interest in education. You have to look up your local news because the state may be conducting ongoing free laptop giveaways. Once you find any, go ahead and apply as soon as possible.

6. Rent a Laptop

For students in Nigeria who can’t buy a laptop, you can rent one temporarily. Many laptop rental companies offer affordable plans, making it easier for students to access the technology they need for school. This will help you for college students. Renting a laptop can also help you to save money if you only need it temporarily, like for a project or exam. Some organizations in Nigeria rent out computers and also give them away for free. Even local libraries rent out PCs, so check them out and see if you are eligible to rent a laptop. If you are in a private school, you might be able to get a free laptop for rent from the school. Just reach out and explain your purpose, which has to be academic-related.

7. Look for NGOs That Give Free Laptops

In Nigeria, there are various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and groups that give free laptops to students. The Digital Bridge Institute is one of these. It’s a leading place in Nigeria for learning about and researching ICT. This institute gives free laptops to students who need them. They also offer ICT resources and training to those who would otherwise not have access.

We also have the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative which we talked about earlier. This NGO program also offers a free laptop for students in Nigeria and other technological tools to students.

8. Crowdfunding

The 8th method we will talk about is crowdfunding. This is a method that many Nigerian students do not use to get free PCs. If you really need a laptop and have a reasonable cause for it, you can set up a crowdfunding account for people to support you. Crowdfunding for students in Nigeria can help you receive free laptops by getting contributions from others. Several groups and organizations in Nigeria have teamed up to create a crowdfunding campaign to provide free laptops to students who can’t afford them.

9. Check with Your School or University

As a student in Nigeria, you should see if your school or university offers free laptops. With education increasingly relying on technology, lots of schools understand that students need good, current technology. So, they do provide laptops to students in need. Sometimes they give them to students when they join, or they might offer them as a loan.

A laptop naturally makes it easier and faster to do homework, research, and collaborate with classmates. It’s also handy for online classes or if you want to work on projects outside school. Moreover, a laptop can be handy for hobbies like photography, video editing, or coding.

10. Online Programs

In recent years, various groups in Nigeria have started to provide free laptops to students as part of their online education programs. Usually, laptops are given to students who are enrolled in online courses and need a reliable device to complete their work. These free laptops come with various features and programs designed to aid learning. Students might have access to educational tools, online libraries, and virtual classrooms, helping them complete their assignments and collaborate with classmates.


So, we have been able to look at 10 ways you can obtain a free laptop for students in Nigeria. You can get a free laptop today using NGOs, government organizations, your school, or local library, or even buy a refurbished or discounted laptop online. Typically, these laptops are not high-performance machines designed for gaming. Rather, they are moderate PCs with features suitable for regular software operations.

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