Foundations That Help Students Pay School Fees in Nigeria

Usually, people say, if education is expensive, try ignorance. But as someone who knows the value of education, you would want to get it at all costs. However, it can sometimes be expensive. The truth is that education in Nigeria is really cheap compared to other countries but not everyone will be able to afford it. Fortunately, there are many foundations in Nigeria, and many of them are generous. In this post, we will look at some of the foundations that help students pay school fees in Nigeria. All you have to do is reach out to them, and they will be willing to assist. Some foundations pay school fees based on academic merit while many of them do it based on needs.

Foundations That Help Students Pay School Fees in Nigeria

We will look at 12 foundations that I have tried out and found that they actually give school fees to students in need.

1. Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation

The first foundation here is the Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation. A non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that supports education, mentoring, and skills training. This foundation is managed by the Rehoboth Trustees – a team of dedicated people looking to empower the less privileged students in Nigeria. Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation can pay your school fees, whether it is high school, university, college, or polytechnic. Just reach out to this foundation before someone else does.

2. Tanimu Foundation

Our number 2 will be Dr. Sabo Tanimu’s foundation known as Tanimu Foundation. This was created to help students in Nigeria get better education, job training, and better healthcare. This foundation believes that education is important in society. Today, they help students pay school fees and also offer college scholarships to Nigerian students every year.

Dr. Tanimu, a Gastroenterologist in Wisconsin, USA, but originally from Nigeria, started the foundation to make a positive impact in his home country. As a student, you can also receive vocational training, especially in North Central Nigeria. This foundation also runs the Tanimu Foundation Vocational Center for those who can’t get a scholarship or need job training. Tanimu Foundation also has a water project with a solar-powered pump station to give the community clean water.

3. Jim Ovia Foundation

We also have the Jim Ovia foundation which I have talked about earlier on this blog. Just go and read my article about the Jim Ovia Scholarship—don’t miss it. This foundation was established in 1998 and funded by Mr. Jim Ovia. The Jim Ovia Scholars program helps students pay school fees in Nigeria. It was originally known as the MUSTE scholarship, and it helps eligible students in undergraduate studies cover tuition and living expenses. Each year, the program offers about 100 new scholarships, and it also renews scholarships for existing recipients who meet all the requirements.

Mr. Ovia created this scholarship to develop a network of Nigerian future leaders who can compete worldwide, innovate, and commit to enhancing their communities. To be eligible for this foundation’s support, as an applicant, you must be a Nigerian citizen studying in a Nigerian institution.

4. Near Foundation

You can also get money from the Near Foundation to pay your school fees in Nigeria. This is another foundation with the Education Program of the Near Foundation split into two main parts: Scholarships and Renovation.

  1. Under the Scholarship section, the foundation helps students with excellent academic promise but who come from poor homes. This assistance is offered to both public secondary school and university students.
  2. For secondary school students, the scholarship covers annual tuition, which includes uniform fees, PTA levies, and other administrative costs.

For university students, there are three types of scholarships available:

  1. Tuition fees scholarship
  2. Monthly stipend scholarship
  3. Housing allowance scholarship

In the end, the goal is to support bright students from low-income families. Currently, the foundation has over 1500 students benefiting from the scholarship program. So far, this foundation has seen 542 students graduate. You can become one of these graduates. All you have to do is reach out to this foundation and politely ask for money for your school fees.

5. Child & Youth Protection Foundation

We also have the Child & Youth Protection Foundation. This scheme helps children from poor families attend school. Many families can’t afford to send their children to school, so the Child & Youth Protection Foundation chooses to be one of the Nigerian foundations that help students pay their school fees. This scheme pays school and assessment fees for these children. This foundation also carries out Progress Assessments at the start of each term to check on their challenges and school performance. So, if the Child & Youth Protection Foundation gives you money for school fees, make sure you perform excellently in your studies because they will look at your report cards, and even consult your teachers and headteacher.

6. TY Danjuma Foundation

This is a private and independent organization for Nigerians. TY Danjuma Foundation focuses on health and education by funding projects run by NGOs in Nigeria. It was founded in 2009 by Lt. Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, a retired Nigerian Army Chief of Staff and a successful businessman. This Foundation’s main office is in Abuja, Nigeria, and it has state offices in Taraba and Edo. Need money for your school fees, make sure to contact the TY Danjuma Foundation as soon as possible.

7. Israel Ezeadiruo (ISEF)

At number 7, we have ISEF, a nonprofit organization operating in all six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Yes, ISEF tries to help less privileged students who have the qualifications for university but can’t afford it. Also, if you are already in a university but struggle financially, you can contact ISEF to pay your school fees.

This foundation looks for funding from state and federal universities across the country, including the Federal Capital Territory. ISEF provides scholarships to students from their 100 level (or at any level chosen by the foundation) until they graduate. The vision is to seek out youths who are eager to learn but do not have the money to do so.

8. KIEK Foundation

With the KIEK Foundation, a non-governmental organization, underprivileged students receive school fees for their education. The foundation carries out its work through various initiatives and projects, including the “From Street to Class” initiative, the “One Child One Plate” project, healthcare and nutrition projects, etc. Its mission is to give hope to underprivileged children as well as present opportunities for students to return to school.

9. Abuja Moms Foundation

You can also reach out to the Abuja Moms Foundation for school fees in Nigeria. The Abuja Moms Empowerment Foundation supports low-income families in Abuja. They look out for many low-income and underserved parents in Nigeria and support them with school fees for their children. By so doing, parents are able to pay their children’s school fees and provide school bags, uniforms, shoes, textbooks, and other necessary items for the start of a new school term. The Abuja Moms “Back to School project”  is for students from low-income families in Nigeria. Now you know what to do—get in touch with the Abuja Moms Foundation to help cover your school fees before the term or semester commences.

10. Oando Foundation

You probably buy your gasoline and petroleum products here but probably did not know that Oando Foundation is a generous company. Yes, this is one of the foundations that help students pay school fees in Nigeria. As a Nigerian student, you need to get Oando to give back to you by way of supporting your education. Oando Foundation supports students through its Adopt-A-School Initiative (AASI). The AASI focuses on increasing access and enhancing the quality of education, particularly for the girl child in the northern states of Nigeria.

11. Helpers Social Development Foundation

In 2023, about 462 million people in Africa, or 36% of its total population, were living in extreme poverty. Helpers Foundation is working to eradicate poverty by helping lift people out of it. They help children in Nigeria and other African countries who can’t afford basic necessities, such as education, and mentorship programs. The aim of the Helpers Social Development Foundation is to open more schools in underserved African communities to make education accessible to all. This foundation also focuses on economic empowerment and health awareness programs in Nigeria and other African countries, collaborating with various nonprofit organizations. As Nigeria’s population grows, the government is struggling to meet the needs of its citizens. So, sometimes, your inability to get government aid for your education is due to so many things on their part to complete. So make sure to contact Helpers Social Development Foundation today and get the money for your education.

12. Save the Children

Finally, we have the Save the Children campaign. This foundation has been active in Nigeria since 2001, working to make sure that all children survive, learn, and are protected. When it comes to education, they majorly advocate for girls’ access to education. So, you are more likely, as a girl, to receive funds from this foundation to cover your fees.


We have looked at 12 foundations that help students pay school fees in Nigeria, and each of these foundations actually work. A lot of them really prioritize need-based assistance. Just make sure to check the funding application requirements before you apply. I will also advise you to apply to more than one foundation so that you stand a bigger chance of getting the support you deserve for your education.

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